Let's Say Farewell to a Certain Game of Thrones Character by Reliving the Good Times

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Let's Say Farewell to a Certain 'Game of Thrones' Character by Reliving the Good Times

By Courtney Enlow | Game of Thrones | April 14, 2014 | Comments ()


Last night, we lost one of television’s most horrible little shits. King Joffrey, that monstrous little shitbox of a person, met a purple end at his own wedding. We hated him, but we so loved hating him. So, I thought today we would celebrate his greatest hits of twattery.

Joffrey loved himself so much, but there was a deep level of insecurity behind it. There must have been to try so hard.


And how could we ever forget his penchant for torturing prostitutes with his little pointy things.

And how even though he thought himself so very big, tough and strong…


…he had to rely on the little people to do the hard stuff for him.


But that doesn’t mean he couldn’t take care of himself when he needed to.

bieber tantrum 08mar13 01.jpg



And he avoided greeting his less-than-adoring public at all costs.


He never shied from being offensive and ignorant.


He was woefully lacking when it came to meeting fellow leaders.


Finally, here are some clips of his most dick moments. Man, I’m so happy this was a fictional character and not a real guy!

Farewell, Joffrey. You died like you lived. Like a little bitch.


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  • kirbyjay

    I'm very sad at Little Joffrey's death because I wanted him to suffer much, much more.

  • ferryman

    Well done indeed! Art truly imitates life.

  • general rhubarb

    Well played Ms C. Well played indeed.

  • mzblackwidow

    Courtney, perfection !!

  • Lucia

    I'm loving this so hard!!!! "You died like you lived. Like a little bitch." Brilliant ;D

  • BWeaves

    "And how could we ever forget his penchant for torturing prostitutes with his little pointy things."

    I just snorted tea out my nose and all over the keyboard. Damn you, Internets. I mean, Thank You, Internets.

  • Ian Fay

    I feel no Joffrey compilation isn't complete without:


  • PDamian

    That never gets old. Thanks!

  • Bravo, Courtney. Bravo.

    Aside: I feel like Jack Gleeson needs a month of Instagram pics, getting hugged by every cast member he tortured, hurt or ordered killed. Start with Sean Bean and Peter Dinklage and don't stop till you get to Ros

  • we were just saying this the other night (having crammed Seasons 1-3 into a week - now jonesing like crackheads for more): how DOES that guy go into a coffee shop or down the street without people spontaneously punching him before their reason kicks in?

  • Kala

    Aw. That would be lovely, especially since by all accounts he's a ridiculously nice young fellow.

  • The "Jack Gleeson Conciliatory Tour of All Actors Whose Characters I Horribly Mistreated as That Bastard Joffrey."

  • denesteak

    Holy Christ. What a POS.

  • Maddy

    I didn't even realise half of this Justin Bieber stuff had actually happened. I think I live under a rock.

  • zeke_the_pig

    A blessed, sacred rock. Can I move in please?

  • Kala

    Every time I see a picture of this kid--especially when he's doing the 'use both hands to pull up his jacket collar' bit--I only see Kate McKinnon. It makes these pictures much easier to bear.

  • Tinkerville

    As well played as this was, this was way too much Bieber for me to take in on a Monday morning. I almost punched my laptop screen out of pure instinct.

  • emmalita

    I was wishing she'd throw a little Joffrey in there just to break up the horror.

  • Wrestling Fan

    Effin brilliant, Courtney! Loved it!

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