George R.R. Martin Previews the Cover of His Next Book, and F@#k You*, George R.R. Martin

By Dustin Rowles | Game of Thrones | July 28, 2014 |


It looks really big, doesn’t it? I wonder how much time he spent on it? I wonder how much of that time could’ve been spent on Winds of Winter? I wonder how much time he spent dwelling on Westeros’ past instead of the future? I wonder if Winds of Winter would be finished by now if he hadn’t spent so much time on World of Ice and Fire?

Thanks, George. Because what we all wanted was a f**king clip show.

(* “F*#k you only meant in jest, as I don’t even read the books, and better trust Benioff and Weiss to finish the GoT series anyway. But when it comes to Martin and the Song of Ice and Fire series, outrage plays well on the Internet!)

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