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'Game of Thrones,' We Need to Have a Talk About Your Nudity Imbalance

By Rebecca Pahle | Game of Thrones | April 10, 2014 | Comments ()

game of thrones nudity imbalance.jpg

As you may have gathered, I’m a pretty dang big fan of Game of Thrones. I’ve read all the books. I know the fan theories (Jojen Reed is paste, y’all). I will passionately defend the greatness of Stannis Baratheon to everyone who wants to listen, and some people who don’t. But there’s one thing about the show that I don’t like—something that mars an otherwise amazing hodgepodge of swords, sorcery, sex, and violence.

There isn’t enough penis.

Game of Thrones is famed for its use of sexposition, and while some people object to normal conversations taking place in a brothel while prostitutes diddle clients in the background—won’t someone think of the children!—I don’t mind it in theory. This is HBO. I’ve seen Sookie Stackhouse’s soft-lift, soft-core sex scenes on True Blood. I’ve seen Ned Stark get his head chopped off. I can handle some naked flesh.

The problem is that, while Game of Thrones is chock full of female nudity, often full frontal, only two male characters have ever fully stripped down: Theon Greyjoy and Hodor (Hodor!). We’ve seen plenty of butts, male and female, but no one who watches the show can deny that the eye candy is heavily skewed to the naked lady end of the spectrum. The season four premiere even featured a scene in which Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand acquire the services of some prostitutes, and while it’s explicitly stated that they’re up (*cough*) for hiring males and females, the only nudity we get is from the latter. Game of Thrones can say that Oberyn Martell’s bisexual, but heaven forbid they give the ladies in the audience—or the gay men, the bisexual anybodies, whoever—a glimpse at eyecandy that’s not female.

Full disclosure—I’m asexual. I don’t care about bits, male or female. Include ‘em. Don’t. No preference. But I see in Game of Thrones’s marked imbalance of male-female nudity an assumption that their audience is comprised mostly of straight dudebros, and that bugs me. You can see that reflected in a pair of scenes from last season, where doofy virgin Podrick Payne was revealed to be a sex prodigy. The first time it was mentioned it was funny, but when people were gawking at Pod’s sexual prowess for two episodes in a row it began to have an awkward tinge of audience wish fulfillment: “Look at this young male nerd who, despite his social awkwardness, impresses jaded prostitutes so much that they don’t even want money from him. The privilege of spending time with his magic penis is payment enough. Wink wink.”

Again, there’s nothing wrong with that per se. But why not acknowledge that in addition to the straight men in your audience there are a lot of straight women, gay men, hell, just people who are sexually attracted to the many beefcake male characters on your show? It’s the same old “geeks=male” prejudice. The “But sex sells!” argument against the accusation the women’s bodies are being exploited doesn’t really fly for me when you consider that sex sells to men and women alike, and yet by and large it’s actresses, not actors, being asked to strip down for our pleasure.

I’m not the only one on the “more penis!” crusade. Game of ThronesCarice van Houten and Sibel Kekilli have both spoken out in favor of more male nudity. CollegeHumor did an excellent skit on the subject. Kit Harginton and Peter Dinklage even stated their willingness to strip down.

So get with it, HBO. Even things up a bit. Fill the giant penis-shaped hole in your show and I can go back to loving you with only minor reservations. Well. You’ll have to fix your violence-against-females-used-for-shock-value problem, too. But that’s another post for another time.

Rebecca Pahle is the associate editor for The Mary Sue, where she writes about Game of Thrones. A. Lot. She thinks Sansa haters, for the most part, need to sit the hell down.

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  • Andy

    I don't think there is an imbalance. We've seen tons and tons of breasts (male and female) but (from what I can remember) No vagina...which is the...I guess you can say.."equivalent" of a penis. If we look at it like that. It's men who we see more of.
    I don't know if my idea is getting across clearly. I'm trying to say that...women have two 'sexual' parts. The breast and the genitalia. While Men really only have the genitalia. Which is harder to show as it is more...sensitive. That's why we get lots of boobs

  • none

    i dont watch the show but but in southpark butters stated there was to much penis so is there or isnt there?

  • Ebeneezer_Goode

    I think the disparity is perceived because we equate a woman's chest to nudity but not a man's, but if you actually analysed each sex scene I doubt the vagina-to-penis ratio would be very different.

  • architecthis

    really? "You’ll have to fix your violence-against-females-used-for-shock-value problem, too" this explains what type of person you are.... you and everyone like you should go away

  • Xavier Xross

    Sadly, most females are still highly illogical it would seem - and that includes this author. Misdirected. Sexist. Drumming up the HIGHLY false old inequality/female-victim retoric. I can only imagine she has chosen this old male vs female topic because it never fails to garner an audience. Even if it is short on facts. Why let facts get in the way, right?

    Astonishingly, females still compare non-graphical female nudity (breasts and pubic hair/obscured genitals) as the equivalent of male full frontal graphic nudity (clear unobstructed genitals). Some actually demand erect penis shots! I can just imagine the backlash should males ask for exactly what you are asking for. Talk about the REAL double standard. If you want to see gratuitous penis shots then there are no shortage of websites and magazines to services your pornographic urges.

    If you want TV shows and companies to show even MORE penis (cause they do show penis!), then please remind them to show us unobscured vagina (even just one would do) as well. That would be fair, don't you think? Or do vagina not exist? Its almost like its taboo to show one on TV or mainstream cinema; like its gross or something.

    If you're so inclined, you might even argue that females are being censored yet again, male anatomy being yet again seen as the default in society etc etc. Personally I believe its sexist to have a law preventing females walking around topless, if she so desires, in places where males are allowed to do so. I mean... we all have breasts, even though they look slightly different. The only real difference are the genitals. So why censor female breasts, but not male breasts? But I'm getting off-topic now.

    Anyways...HBO/GOT is just to eager to accommodate the female audience with gratuitous, very graphic male nudity. BUT they will NOT show clearly visible vagina. Last nights episode (season 4 ep3) proved it yet again. A fully nude male walks RIGHT in front of the camera in full view. Dick swinging and everything. Yet, no equivalent (visible clitoris/labia) from the female cast. Their parts are hidden as usual. And the author has the audacity to claim inequality?

    I say, keep the tits and bush, show us the pussy. THEN will we have equality!

    The author also make reference to other sources, so I will do so as well. I urge every one here, Rebecca Pahle you too, to visit the link below, read the 'article', BUT then crucially, the comment section as well. Do NOT skip the comments. For it is here where the true discussion lies; and where the author's sexist, painfully biased and one-sided view, and further perpetuation of a false inequality shows its true colours; much like this author's opinion and her 'article' does.



    And... I really do hope this comment isn't taken down. Like some other sites/authors like to do when shown up.

  • tricky2000

    The guys at South Park Studios seem to disagree with your opinion.


  • manting

    The wiener above GRRM's head is the one from Clockwork Orange that Alex torments the women with.

  • Idle Primate

    perhaps this particular show, and its originating material simply cater to a male audience. it isn't a homogenous world. there will never be a complete smooth mayonnaise spread of feminist satisfying equality. I understand women liking Game of Thrones, they respond to the conquering, take no prisoners themes. They might just have to live with the nudity not being designed for them(gasp!). It is quite normal now for media to be attacked for any and every depiction of women, or lack their of, and to be mocked for depictions of men relating together without women(who the crap invented the word bromance?). There is not a single stronger lobby on the planet than the wrath of women, so why wouldn't they leverage wherever they could? myself? i'm not keen on any kind of gratuitous nudity or sex, but if that is what the story or directors call for, then too bad. I admire film makers willing to risk that all powerful wrath. imagine the horror of films that do not cater entirely to women. the horror. by golly, the horror.

  • Bennetttt

    Are you unaware that the FCC passed laws back in the 80s forbidding full front erect male, and female genitalia?
    As soon as premium channels became popular there were parental groups jumping at the chance to make certain a federal judge kept a tight grip on what can be seen.
    Occasionally you'll see a nano-second slip, but for the most part erect penises, and detailed female genitalia are forbidden.
    Personally I wouldn't mine losing the ban, but apparently graphic exposed internal organs seems to be favorable over happy sex stuff in the minds of those passionate about censorship. I'll never understand this.

  • Maddy

    It's pretty telling that even in a scene with bisexual characters, only the women got naked.

  • Xavier Xross

    Yes, but how often do you see vagina? Front up ladies.

  • 2bleJ

    Stop cherrypicking your feminism. Game of thrones and Girls probably share about the same ratio of gender:gender nudity. One is a show where men are at the helm and one where a woman is.

  • ferryman

    I'm sure when the series catches up with the books and the "Penises Beyond the Wall" make their appearance everyone here will be satisfied. I understand they have consulted with Sigurður Hjartarson to guarantee authenticity in the matter. Not to worry; you will be awash in glans!

  • Not saying it's right, but could the counterargument be that the penis is inherently MORE obscene because it's the actual responsive gland? I've always wondered if females are at a natural disadvantage because they're always biologically "dressed" to a degree.

    Meanwhile, boobs are just sex-Y, not sex-ABLE.

    I dunno. I mostly agree with your point, but these are the overanalytical thoughts that pop in my head when trying to play devil's advocate.

  • Guest

    All the great works of art (including beautiful car designs) are based on the female form. No one wants to see a naked dude, except maybe Michaelangelo. That's why there's an 'imbalance'.

  • Emm82

    I bet most people attracted to men would. Michaelangelo based David on 2 cultures both of which glorified the male body like ours does the female.

  • Scratch89

    I would absolutely like to see a naked male. So would all of my friends.

  • Sassy Pikachu

    They should take pointers from Spartacus then. I think the ratio for that one is fairly even.

  • "But I see in Game of Thrones’s marked imbalance of male-female nudity an assumption that their audience is comprised mostly of straight dudebros,"

    That is so absolutely true.

    I am Pro-More Penises. Penis penis everywhere. Or just fewer boobs and gratuitous nudity. Either works.

  • Xavier Xross

    Yet another equation of female breasts (non-graphic nudity) to full frontal male graphic nudity. The logic is astounding

  • ferryman

    I'm surprised that out of all these fans everyone seems to have missed the reference in the last book to the "Penises Beyond the Wall". I'm sure we'll be awash in glans when the show catches up.

  • Maddy

    Also - I think it's funny that whenever people complain about this they get called prudes. My main complaint is that for a show that sees itself as stereotype-defying and 'edgy', it is so pedestrian and cliched in its use of nudity and its almost exclusive use of women as sexual objects.

  • Protoguy

    I'm okay with this. :D

  • Maddy

    She thinks Sansa haters, for the most part, need to sit the hell down.

    I think you are my favourite!

  • Laura Truxillo

    I'm a little baffled that GoT is on the same level as, say Boardwalk Empire in turn of showing manflesh. But at least with Boardwalk, we got Vincent Piazza, which...well, y'know.... (thank you, Terrance Winters.)

  • manting

    Here is how the world works - straight men don't want to see dongs. End of lesson. Not saying this is right, its just the way it is.
    Also there's not a nudity imbalance; there is a nudity surplus in GoT. As much as I love the female form in all its unclothed glory there is simply far too much nudity in GoT and it detracts from the story. Martin has created a complex and beautiful world and all these titties are distracting me from it.

  • Danimule Fernandez

    You're just as bad as the fucks that complain about a lack of nudity with males and don't think you're any better. Boring, boring, boring. The same shit has been presented as a complaint worthy of an article for the last three years and DB and David don't care.

  • Scratch89

    If "this is how the world works" was the law of the land, I wouldn't be able to marry my partner. Women wouldn't be able to vote.

    Things change. End of lesson.

  • manting

    seeing dongs on a specific tv show is in no way related to civil rights and womens suffrage. To compare the two is beyond ridiculous. Why didn't you throw in slavery too? You are incredibly hyperbolic - end of lesson.

  • Maddy

    And the problem with that is that the show is implicitly saying that the only audience they care about are straight males.

  • Xavier Xross

    Yeah, straight males love seeing cock. How I would love to see some naked vagina for a change.

  • manting

    you could make the same argument about any show including Girls and Sex and the City using that argument. Both of those shows have a fair amount of female flesh on display but no/almost no dongs. By doing this are those shows implicitly saying that the only audience they care about is straight males, because the viewership of those two shows is maybe 5% straight males.

  • Laura Truxillo

    "Also there's not a nudity imbalance; there is a nudity surplus in GoT."

    Yes. There is a nudity surplus. That surplus is also almost entirely female. That the surplus of nudity is unbalanced. Meaning that there is, actually, a nudity imbalance.

    Also, maybe straight men just need to learn how to deal with seeing a few things they don't want to see and stop being scared of other people's dongs. We *know* straight dudes freak out about other dudes' junk--that doesn't mean we're just going to let it pass without challenging it to spare them from having to be *gasp* uncomfortable.

  • Xavier Xross

    And if a male would ask for female genitals to be displayed, would that also be okay?

  • manting

    my point is that if there wasn't such an excessive use of female nudity in the show than you wouldn't notice the "nudity imbalance." The nudity on the show is mainly of the lowest common denominator kind, meaning it serves no purpose to the plot, its there to titillate the dumber viewers.
    What I don't understand is why people aren't attacking shows like Girls for examples of this same thing. That's a show that was created, written, and staring a supposedly groundbreaking female but there is a big nudity imbalance on that show. In fact now that I think of it there is a nudity imbalance on every show on television. I feel like its unfair to pick out GoT as patient zero for this. I personally don't mind dongs and they can even add something to a scene, Kietel in Bad Lieutenant comes to mind. I would say blame it on the religious of this country who feel that female nudity is kinda sinful but male nudity is the gateway drug to homosexuality and bus station H.J.'s.

  • foolsage

    It's complicated, for straight guys. There's a continual comparison implicit in any discussion of penises, analogous to the ways society messes with women's views of their own bodies.

    That doesn't mean the way things are now is right. I don't want to see the dongs myself, but those who do want to have a fair case. Anyhow, I like seeing the beautiful ladies, and, hey, I'm no hypocrite.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    That's seriously wimpy. The male ego is presumed to be so fucking delicate.

  • Xavier Xross

    And the female ego isn't? How would you feel if men were to ask for some female lips-between-the-hips action? Stop comparing female breasts to male genitals.

  • Laura Truxillo

    I get that it's complicated. Thing is, while I wouldn't call it perfectly analogous, to paraphrase what you said, it's complicated for everyone. Straight women may not have the "ew, boobs get them AWAY" reaction to seeing breasts that men do to seeing dong, but in generally, seeing a parade of unimportant ladies paraded around as sexy set dressing doesn't really do wonders for our morale. For starters.

    It's not that I don't get it. It's just that I am wildly unsympathetic to someone basically saying, "Well, the reason things can't be more equal in media representation because it would make me and people like me really uncomfortable, and that's just the way the world is and will always be forever and ever."

  • manting

    I never said dongs bothered me. I said that straight men don't want to see dongs. Im sorry this is true but it is. Perhaps you should reread comments before responding.

  • Xavier Xross

    I dont mind seeing dick on TV/film - damn that's about all graphic nudity that you see - and I'm not going to refrain from watching shows/films just because of that.
    But I do believe females are grossed out by seeing vagina. Why else would it be banned to show visible vagina on mainstream American TV/film?

  • manting

    its the religious right. They hate vag as nearly as much as they hate dongs. I find this weird because weren't we supposedly created in gods image?

  • foolsage

    I share your lack of sympathy for that view. That was all I meant to say really.

    I'm in the strange position of being a very progressive fit straight white male of reasonable means. I don't want and didn't ask for the privilege I get; I genuinely just want everyone to be treated equally. :D

  • Marc Dolgow

    Brace yourselves, penis is coming in Episode 3 this year. (I've seen this mentioned by a reviewer who saw the first 3 episodes)

    "Violence against women used to shock" - you mean like the shocking violence that actually did happen to women in medieval history... and still does all around the world?

    And it's not as if violence doesn't happen against men on the show, you know. Yes, there is more sexual assaults involving women as the victims... but does this strike you an untrue to our history?

    If you want to watch a show in which society is "how it should be", there are hundreds of other programs out there for you. But "Game of Thrones" explores how human characters struggle for their humanity in a world as brutal as our world has been; and still is, for many people.

    Female empowerment is clearly one of the most prevalent themes in the show. This theme can be explored more powerfully in this patriarchal society.

    All of this is to say that you are deeply wrong about violence about women simply being used for "shock value".

  • Guest

    Brace yourselves, penis is coming in Episode 3 this year. (I've seen this mentioned by a reviewer who saw the first 3 episodes)

    "Violence against women used to shock" - you mean like the shocking violence that actually did happen to women in medieval history... and still does all around the world?

    And it's not as if violence doesn't happen against men on the show, you know. Yes, there is more sexual assaults involving women as the victims... but does this strike you an untrue to our history?

    If you want to watch a show in which society is "how it should be", there are hundreds of other programs out there for you. But "Game of Thrones" explores how human characters struggle for their humanity in a world as brutal as our world has been; and still is, for many people.

    Female empowerment is clearly one of the most prevalent themes in the show. This theme can be explored more powerfully in this patriarchal society.

    All of this is to say that you are deeply wrong about violence about women simply being used for "shock value"

  • Danimule Fernandez

    Part of the reason is is that the female genitalia is largely internal. Look closely at all of GoT's full-frontal female scenes - actual labia is never shown, concealed by pubic hair or through crossed legs while sitting down or legs pressed together while standing up. A Silence of the Lambs style dick-tucked-between-the-legs would create a very similar image. While I don't mind it and would fully support unsimulated penetration between straights and gays, male full frontal shows a lot more of the anatomy which the MPAA/FCC or whatever is offended by.

  • Xavier Xross

    Carefull, Danimule, you're starting to make sense here. And heaven forbid, you've also introduced logic and 2 working eyes. Females refuse to see a man not showing penis as nude. They damn well demand it. And yet at the same time they believe a female not showing vagina *is* fully nude. How did this happen?

  • foolsage

    On the other hand, women can walk around more or less naturally and pass the censors (maybe they need a merkin, which doesn't actually move anything around). Are you suggesting that the situation for men is comparable?

    Is the fact that male genitalia are external a compelling reason to show females in their natural state but never males?

  • Danimule Fernandez

    You saw Robert Baratheon's assassin's dick when he was being dragged behind the Dothraki horde, what more do you want?!

  • foolsage

    None of this is about what I want, to be clear. I'm advocating for equal rights; I already get what I want, in this sense. I just dislike unfairness.

  • Xavier Xross

    And flopping dick would be fair payment to what? Boobs and bush? Hell aren't you the symbol of fairness.

  • foolsage

    It would be what some people are asking for.

    There are around 7 billion people out there. A bit over half of them are female. Amazingly, of those 7 billion people, many of them want things that are different from what you want. You can a) support them when reasonable, or b) be self-involved.

  • Danimule Fernandez

    At the end of the day, it's the showrunners' show to do whatever they want with it. This argument is really, really tired and since it appeared about 2 years ago on Gawker/Jezebel it continually gets recycled every time the show begins again on every pop culture web publication with no new insight added. It's about as compelling and interesting to me as people getting upset that Girls doesn't feature enough black characters. These people that have a problem with it should watch "Looking", which is also HBO and features tons of guy-on-guy dicksucking or personally approach D.B. and David and start talking about how much more socially perceptive you are than them. Despite the fact they created a beloved global phenomenon while these complainers have a discussion that belongs in a community college women's studies class.

  • John G.
    but heaven forbid they give the ladies in the audience—or the gay men, the bisexual anybodies, whoever—a glimpse at eyecandy that’s not female.

    See, it's not heaven that forbids this, but douchey television executives who assume that the world shares their 12-year-old boy fear of seeing penises ever, "ewww...grosss, it's that thing on my own body I love, but can't stand looking at on others"

    And they may not be wrong, either. Many of the fans of this series are just like those ridiculous, puritanical nonsense boy-men who have had their whims catered too far too long by popular culture. Witness Japanese pornography where they have to blur out all dicks, in case some porn viewer might see the horror of another man's parts. Witness the reaction we got to a simple drawing of Seth Rogan's naked form on this very site, and the comments in that article.

    Every time I think we're getting passed these absurd, antiquated hang ups about bodies and sex in this repressed culture, reality has to constantly slap me in the face.

  • foolsage

    Let's be honest: this is about Puritanism, which remains central in the American psyche. Mocking though it is, I think perhaps the most succinct definition of Puritanism came from H.L. Mencken: "The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy."

  • John G.

    Full disclosure—I’m asexual

    Well hello there, look who just became my new favorite Pajiba writer.

  • NoPantsMcLane

    We demand more frank and beans!

  • Chai_Latte

    I am still so sad over the fact that we never got a Robb Stark full frontal scene. HE WAS UP TO HIS NECK IN FUR FOR THREE SEASONS STRAIGHT. LET THE BOY BREATHE.

  • Maddy

    At least we got Robb Stark ass. Although he got dressed way too quickly.

  • Ejic

    Yeah and his chest, abs, pelvis, and legs too!

  • Maddy

    This is exactly my problem! Thank you! 2 naked ladies is not equal to half a male chest HBO!

  • Xavier Xross

    So typical, Nude Female = breasts and bush/merking (no visible genitals), Nude male = I must see penis! Nothing else will do. Women logic... can't beat it.

  • narfna


  • Morgan_LaFai

    This is truly deserving of the slow clap of approval. Clap... Clap... Clap...

  • e jerry powell

    I hope you brought penicillin with you. That clap is serious.

  • Ben

    I always thought this was a legal thing? Like showing heaps of shlongs would up the rating from what you'd get for showing female nudity? Because of some crazy internal/external genitle argument? Like seeing a dick is the ratings equivilent of seeing a lady spread eagle.

    So if that's the case it's not really Game of Thrones fault, it's more the crazy ratings systems fault.

    If that's not the case... then yeah more dongs

  • e jerry powell

    The V-chip would block programming based on those content tag things that shows run (voluntarily, both on broadcast and cable) at the beginning of an episode, but otherwise, the only thing that would restrict content is the FCC, and that's primarily time-based (no nekkid or mildly serious cussing before 10 PM eastern, when the chirrens are in bed).

  • BendinIntheWind

    You're thinking of the MPAA (which only rates movies), which has a longstanding insane inequality with male versus female nudity.

  • Ben

    oh didn't realise that was movies only. Then yeah bring on the dongs.... as long as we're not seeing Theon graphically get his dick cut off... That shit was hard enough to watch with it being implied.

  • e jerry powell

    Yeah, I could live with not seeing dick that way.

  • Sean

    While not a fan of penis, It is illogical and silly the lengths(no pun intended) that Hollywood goes to not show a dick. That scene in particular was a glaring example of this. It made no sense for the expensive rentboy/pimp not to be naked as well. Just show the dicks already. 49 percent of us have one. And most of the other 51 percent have seen their share. It isn't going to bother anyone for more than a few seconds to see a penis.

  • e jerry powell

    The Concerned Women for America would like a word with you. They're quite concernstipated about your viewpoint.

  • e jerry powell

    Rebecca, a word:

    There is never enough penis. If the show was nothing but penises, it still wouldn't be enough penis.

    There's decades of penis absence in popular entertainment to make up for.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I knew I liked you.

  • e jerry powell

    I knew you'd say that.

  • Mrs. Julien

    And don't you forget it!


  • Merlyn7

    What is so odd about the imbalance is that there are several scenes where a key plot point is the character's penis and yet we don't see them. *Season 3 Spoilers incoming*

    In Gendry's scene with Melisandre where she applies a leech to his kingly member it is out of camera while she is completely naked in the scene.

    When Theon loses his manhood we neither see it in the scene where Roose Bolton's bastard is clearly about to have it off and later when it shows up in a box we still don't get a glimpse. (Its only outing was in season 1).

    We get naked female prostitutes left right and center but even when the script is referring specifically to a penis we don't see it.

  • foolsage

    For that matter, Ros assures us that Theon is "a serious boy with a serious cock"; it seems that perhaps some of the audience would like to be able to judge the truth of that claim. We saw Ros naked, what, like 8 times?

  • manting

    Heres a thought, what if the actor playing Theon has a pathetically small penis? Should he be forced to show his embarrassment to the world? Should male actors be cast based on penis size not on talent, or even their physical form? I think porn, the great leveler, is what you need.

  • BlackRabbit

    Use a prop-penis, hereafter called a "hodor."

  • Ben

    Yeah I'm actually... REALLY glad we didn't see Theons dong getting chopped or Gendrys man meat getting leeched. Like yeah sure show all the love poles you want as long as their not getting mutilated.

  • Emily Smith

    But would you want to see penis in either of those scenes? I have enough trouble watching that Unsullied get his nipple cut off.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Me, personally? Nah, I'd look away for the squick factor. (Plus, always been a big fan of showing less for greater impact.) But it is really weird that they don't mind being completely gratuitous about everything in the world except dongs.

  • e jerry powell

    We lived through seeing two decapitated heads just a few months ago on FX, and both of those were still alive.

  • What do we want? Junk Equality!

    When do we want it? Now, preferably in the form of Jaime Lannister, Jon Snow, Oberyn Martell, and Daario Naharis 2.0!

  • foolsage

    Huh. I thought the "when do we want it" bit would be contextually aligned with the appearances of attractive men onscreen. Free-floating dongs would be a bit odd, after all.

  • Junk Equality needs no context.

  • Salieri2

    Recent conversation at work:

    me, waiving labor pickiness: "Nah, we're cool. That is, unless you guys turn into dicks halfway through the workday."

    co-worker: "Boy, that would be pretty weird."

  • BlackRabbit

    And difficult to operate office equipment. You'd get sexual harassment claims just from trying to use the copier.

  • John W

    It's not just a Game of Thrones problem.

    On True Detective who got naked?

    Hint: it wasn't Woody or Matthew.

    On The Americans, whose butt did we see?

  • Laura Truxillo

    Boardwalk Empire, like GoT, has a whooooolle lotta prostitutes.

    And Vincent Piazza and Bobby Canavale. But mostly, lotta prostitutes.

  • Guest

    Oh, we did see Matthew...

  • Mrs. Julien

    Game of Thrones is just the most egregious example. Believe me, Mr. Julien had to hear a diatribe about True Detective as well.

  • Mrs. Julien

    THANK YOU! I don't care if they include nudity or not, BUT IF THEY DO, it should be equal exposure.

    When I complain about this to Mr. Julien, he just shrugs and says, "it's HBO," and then offers some paltry justification. It drives me crazy.

    ETA: When I taught ESL (to adults) we had a gender issues discussion about nudity in movies and on TV. One student spent about 5 minutes with his translation dictionary before telling the class he thought there was no point in male nudity on film because men's parts are "inelegant".

  • manting

    the female form is a work of art, the male form is like a hammer or a shovel, we look like a tool naked.

  • Dumily

    Can I upvote again for the ETA?

  • Salieri2

    [Comedian whose name escapes me regarding boy bits]: "It's like God decided to make a bow, and then the doorbell rang..."

  • jon29

    I hereby record my official support for equality of the nudes.

    That said, watching TV or movies these days hoping to catch a glimpse of someone's junk seems very strange. Because internet. You'll tire of looking at dicks and boobs long before the internet will run out of dicks and boobs to show you.

    Maybe not boobs.

  • e jerry powell

    Because the boobs always come in pairs, so you can only really focus on one at a time.

    But yeah, once you're old enough for porn, the idea of watching anything else hoping for full frontal is kind of silly, because porn is a sure thing and you don't have to deal with long stretches of time with no nudity at all, or awkward attempts to integrate nudity into credible narrative.

  • L.O.V.E.

    Challenge accepted!

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