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February 12, 2008 |

By Dustin Rowles | Film | February 12, 2008 |

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins was the funniest movie I’ve ever seen. I give it four thumbs up. I’d give it more if I had more thumbs! I seriously laughed my astrodynamics off! Not only was this a super funny movie, but it was also a grate story and the chemistry between Martin and Lucinda (Nicole Ari Parker) was awesome. Martin Lawrence is THE MAN! If you don’t LOVE Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins then lighten up! You suck and no one wants to be around you anyway. With all that pretentous stuff in theaters these days, this movie is a BREATH OF FRESH AIR! I’ve watched many comedies in my lifetime and this is one of the few I laughed out loud many times. If you were a stranged from any or ALL of your family members, or if you ever had an argument with a luved one, or even if if you enver had any problems in your family, watching this movie might even change a bit of your perception and attitude towards family life. And if your family is in perfect shape, this movie will truly enforce it! Comedies like Rosco Jenkins and The Pacifier r few and far between. If you want to fill the usual immorality-filled comedy, there’s lots out there. (Have u seen Juno! What a despicible movie!) However, if you still believe in fighting for your brothers, sisters and parents in a world where the value of families is eroding. WATCH THIS TODAY. Reality is completely out the window on this one so don’t expect anything that requires an IQ over 60. Just go with the flow, there is worst out there and this movie doesn’t try to pass itself off as being a smart movie. And that’s why I LOVED it so MUCH!!!

The best part about Roscoe Jenkins, first of all, is just how FUNNY it is. If youre the kind to laugh at everithing then this is a good movie. The action starts slow and can be boring, I was like where is big momma? But it became good after a while. I was laughing most the time and can’t wait for it to be out on dvd. i’ll definitely buy it to watch it over and over again. Let me just be the first to say, tho, that I was skeptical at first cause my wife made me go see it and we hardly ever like the same movie. But Roscoe Jenkins has something in it for everbody. It’s got kissing. And Bianca ,who plays a former winner on “Survivor,” is first of all: HOT! Second of all, she’s HOT! And third of all, she is SMOKIN! Did I mention she was H.O.T.T.?

The movie was about this guy played by Martin Lawrence who is like Dr. Phill and Oprah and Jerry Sp[ringer all roled into one. He is the host of a show thats based on a book he wrote, “ALL ABOUT ME!” Rosco and Bianca (the HOTT one) are about to get married, but first they hafta go back to see Roscoe family, because its his parents 50th anniversary and he hasn’t seen them in 9 years and Roscoe’s son wants to meet his grandparents. And Rosco is still in LUV with his high scool sweetheart who Cedric the Entertainer stole away from him in a obstacle course race when they were just kidz.

They got to Atlanta for the weekend with the dog fiffi, who ends up having s*x with a big dog, but she’s on top and it’s hilarious, especially the part where one of the actors (Mike Epps) says, “he had her in the hole that stinks, not the hole that winks!” it took me about three minutes to get it, but that guy brings the funny! He should be in a hole lot more movies like this one.

Anyway, it ain’t all candies and roses back in Atlanta cause Roscoe is all rich and stuff and he don’t get along with his family cause his dad doesn’t want a 50 inch plasma TV (I’ll take it!). And stuff is pretty rocky at first, esp. when Roscoe hits his momma in a head with a softball during a softball game and gave her a big “titty on her forehead.” And then Mo’Nique gets in a fist fight with Martin and gives HIM a titty on HIS forehead. I am seriously laughing OUT LOUD right now just thinking about it. After that, tho, Martin realizes that Bianca, whose obsessed with “Survivor” just wants him for his money and stuff and Martin gets back with his old flame and then there is this really big speech where James Earl Jones, who plays Roscoe’s Dad, takes him back and accepts him for who he is, and it’s really uplifting. And then there is this Whitney Houston song that comes on at the dance at the end of the movie and me and my friends were all singing along with it and it was HILARIOUS!!!!

Usually, I don’t LOVE Martin Lawrence that much. He always was like a poor man’s Eddie Murphy to me. But he has his own sense of humor, so don’t playa hate. But sometimes I find his sense of humor to be really anti-white, which is there’s just too much of it in the world right now, you know! But this movie is really light hearted and all around fun. Of course its not Shakespeare, but they don’t have to all be — a movie doesn’t have to be perfect to be an enjoyable experience. All we want is funny. Not every movie has to be Oscar worthy, and this one hits it out of the park. BIG TIME!This is probably Martin’s funniest film in a long time. No one could stop laughing at the sold out theater I saw it at. Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins is just a good clean fun movie for the whole family, though there were some parts that probably aren’t good for really little kids, but they probably won’t understand it anyway (I don’t know why they have to use such bad language, however, even though its funny there’s better ways of saying it. That’s all I’m saying).

So if you want a good laugh or five, you HAVE to see this movie. It really delivers in the laughter department. If you are into comedies, this is a must see film!!! I highly recommend it and give it my highest rating: 11 out of 10! LOL!

Holland Oates lives in Pennsyltucky, Pennsylvania. He bleeds E-A-G-L-E-S green. He has been an reviewer for three years and has written over 150 reviews. He would like to say hello to his wife and, if Megan Fox is reading this, CALL ME. Seacrest Out.

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Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins / Holland Oates, Starred Reviewer

Film | February 12, 2008 |

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