Colin Firth Is Creepy. Gay. Pretty.

By Dustin Rowles | Film Reviews | September 15, 2009 | Comments ()


I can't make any sense of the trailer for A Single Man. There's a dead dude. Colin Firth may have killed him. The dead man may have been Colin Firth's lover. Colin Firth is definitely AC/DC. Julliane Moore is in it, and so is Ginnifer Goodwin. And there's also a naked dude in the water.

I'll say this much, however: It sure is pretty. It should be, I suppose, as it comes from debut writer/director Tom Ford, a fashion designer responsible for the turnaround of Gucci (he pulled it back from the brink of bankruptcy). It looks lush and gorgeous.It's like a soft-focus wet dream -- the kind of movie one might expect from a fashion designer. Aside from the visuals, however, who knows if it's any damn good?

The movie, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival won the Queer Lion Award (Don't mess with the queer lions -- they will fuck you up). Firth was also given the award for best actor.

Keep an eye out for Nicholas Hoult, the kid from About a Boy. He's not a kid anymore (which I suspect fans of "Skins" already know). He's a pretty boy.

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