Eloquent Eloquence: When did Mark Ruffalo become The Most Interesting Man in the World?

By Prolixity Julien | Eloquent Eloquence | October 7, 2011 | Comments ()

By Prolixity Julien | Eloquent Eloquence | October 7, 2011 |

9. Ever get a totally fuckin annoying song stuck in your head?? I mean, like it is in there with concrete or something?? I refer to that as an "aneurhythm".

Just passin' it along ..... cuz I'm walkin on sunshine ..... handy_man

8. I'm sorry, but frankly, the thought of The Rock, Vin Diesel and Statham all being in the same film makes me want to masturbate vigorously. -- Arran

Um shouldn't that be "masturbate Fast and Furiously"?

7. A husband and wife are at couples counseling and the therapist says they seem to have an issue with mixed messages. 'that's bullshit,' says the husband. 'you can't mix messages, you mean what you mean. it's not like there's something my wife could say that would make me pissed off and happy at the same time.' without missing a beat, the wife says, 'sure there is. of all your brothers, you definitely have the biggest penis.' betsy

6. Thou shalt not throw your shekels at the sinful renderings of Hollywood nor shalt thou endure the nudity of independent let alone foreign films but instead thou shalt pile your many begotten children into the SUV and watch singing vegetables cavort on large screens.

the Almighty cinekat

5. Cera looks like one of those freaky Asian sexbots.

And I should know, having spent the better part of the early afternoon online looking up freaky Asian sexbots. -- Skitz

4. Oh god, this is going to be a shitshow (the comments, not the post, which I appreciated).

Maybe we could just agree on the following:

1) It is a bad idea to compare things to rape.

2) It is a bad idea to compare things to rape even if you are Johnny Depp.

3) A lack of bad intentions does not mean you are immune to criticism. The fact that we kind of understand what you are getting at does not mean that the words you used stop being offensive.

4) Acknowledging that Johnny Depp said something that is, at a minimum, really insensitive does not mean you need to shun him forever (or even at all!).

5) The fact that this was "just words" or that "everyone says stupid stuff" does not mean that we shouldn't call out shitty things people say. It isn't overreacting to point out that this is a common analogy and a really bad one.

6) It is in fact possible to talk about feeling violated or vulnerable or about something bad happening to you without using the word rape. And if you have trouble doing so, I suggest your problem could be better remedied with a thesaurus than with an offensive analogy. Artemis

3. DO NOT see The Future. I don't care if you like Miranda July. Nothing happens, and to the extent that anything happens, it is meaningless and unlikeable in an uninteresting fashion.

Utterly pointless. You wouldn't know it from watching the trailer, which does a great job of making you think that things happen and that they matter. They do not, and they do not.

Sure, there are movies in which nothing happens that are good. This is not that. STAY AWAY. icecreammang

2. When did Mark Ruffalo become The Most Interesting Man in the World? And where is his Dos Equis? MRod

1. Don't knock marketing, Chris Evans naked in a doorway is genius. I hope it gets a franchise. wojtek

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