Eloquent Eloquence: The Difference Between Sociopath and Psychopath Explained

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Eloquent Eloquence: The Difference Between Sociopath and Psychopath Explained

By Mrs. Julien | Eloquent Eloquence | June 8, 2012 | Comments ()


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An Honourable Mention to PaddyDog for this delicious sentiment:

Them boyos Jedward are a right shower of fuckers

  • The Before We Continue, Could I Have Everyone's Attention, Please? It's Vangie13 Delurking and He/She Is Lovely, But Easily Startled Comment of the Week:

    Professional lurker, unlurking to check this out. NOBODY look over here.

  • The Easy There Agent Starling Comment of the Week goes to LBeees who has been deputized by the Accuracy Police:

    Just a point of interest, as a student of criminology, that the terms 'sociopath' and 'psychopath' are not interchangeable.

    A sociopath is someone molded by experiences that reinforce antisocial behavior and antisocial morality. It is a learned pattern of behavior that results in a disregard for the feelings and rights of others, up to the point of justifying violence, murder, and all manner of illegal or morally questionable activity. Antisocial norms are internalized as a result of a dysfunctional social environment. Example: Tony Soprano.

    A psychopath is an individual who, by result of an organic brain dysfunction, exhibits severe antisocial behavior including disregard for authority, violence, a total lack of empathy, and a pattern of dishonesty. Not all psychopaths (or sociopaths) are violent, though their inability to empathize with others virtually guarantees life-course persistent interpersonal difficulties. Example: Ted Bundy.

  • The You're a Funny Kind of Heterosexual Comment of the Week goes to Tracer Bullet for deftly pointing out the obvious:

    If you're over the age of 20 ... 15 ... 13? then I should imagine that the mystery surrounding an unclothed nipple has already vanished for you.

    You've gone from "incompetent heterosexual" to outright failure.

  • The If I Include This Do I Get Access to the 98%? Comment of the Week goes to e jerry powell who can fight someone else for Tyrion:

    45. Because Peter Dinklage is 100% bangable. And that's 2% more than Sean Bean.

  • The Cologne Burns Paper Cuts Comment of the Week goes to Harborwolf who I'm sure knows whereof he speaks:

    Reasons that Jersey Shore fans will not buy this comic.

    1) Their hair slime and spray tan laden fingers will ruin the collectors value.

    2) They can't read.

    3) The women will look "too realistic."

    4) No free sample of the new AXE body spray.

    5) Can't fist pump while holding a comic book.

    6) Can't be used to stuff ones crotch due to risk of paper cut.

  • The She Always Has the Best Stories Comment of the Week goes to dahlia6 . Sadly, no little girls get punched this time:

    Here's the best way to deal with flight anxiety. Half an hour before flight, take 2 Benadryl, then help yourself to an inflight drink or two. That plane could explode into a thousand fiery pieces and you wouldn't even know it until Saint Peter throws a bucket of water in your face because he's tired of stepping over your ass to unlock the Pearly Gates.

    I did this myself on a recent flight back from Las Vegas, and woke up as we were pulling in front of the concourse. My Dad looked over at me and said "we fell a thousand feet out of the sky and you slept through it." Apparently the plane had been hit by lightning and we lost power. I say apparently because I honestly have no idea

  • The And Jai Alai? Comment of the Week goes to maureenc with the question: Have you prepared your apology yet?

    So Jason Alexander's comment re cricket as a gay sport led me to assigning sexualities, genders, and personalities to various sports a la Axis Powers Hetalia. I'm totally shipping Cricket (a wealthy Englishman who dresses like a dandy and is firmly heterosexual - trust me, he tried it at Eton during his A-levels and it did nothing for him) with Hockey (an outspoken American tomboy who goes high femme once in awhile but can't be bothered most of the time).

    Rugby is gay, though, and relaxed about his sexuality. He suspects American Football is in the closet but won't press him on it.

  • The All of the Comments on This Post Were Gold, Except This One, It Was Platinum Comment of the Week goes to dizzylucy for two well-chosen words and a number:

    Butterfield 8 ball.

  • The Comment of the Comment of the Week goes to ShagEaredVillain, although I'm still in denial:

    And to celebrate June, Rob just turned you all bi.

    It's a confusing day for Pajibans, but rest assured: Godtopus doesn't love you any less.

    Safety Not Guaranteed Review: Had We But World Enough, and Time | Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid Of A Bomb: 46 Years Later, "Batman" '66 Merchandise Will Finally Be For Sale

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    • Lbeees

      I won! I Can't believe it!

    • dahlia6

      I'm glad my burgeoning alcoholism is good for a story and a laugh. And to think I was contemplating cutting back. To the ABC store!

    • Anne At Large

      maureenc, I want more! What about Basketball? And Curling? I missed that post and now I crave details!

    • $53522047

      Psychopath and sociopath are outdated terms no longer used to diagnose people in the psychological community. Anti-social personality disorder is used to describe a personality disorder that shares characteristics of the aforementioned terms. Also, it's impossible to determine if environment or nature contributed to an individual's anti-social tendencies, so that's not a valid distinction. In short, don't use either terms to describe people because you'll sound like a judgmental idiot.

    • Mrs. Julien

      Testing one two three

    • pajiba

      Oh, I will test you, lady. Also, create a profile. Makes it a lot easier.

    • Mrs. Julien

      Yes, when not logged on to work network, still no when I am.

    • Fabius_Maximus

      "Butterfield 8 ball."

      I don't get that one. Does anyone care to explain?

    • Mrs. Julien

      Elizabeth Taylor won an Oscar for a film called Butterfield 8.

    • Harborwolf

      "The Cologne Burns Paper Cuts Comment of the Week goes to Harborwolf who I’m sure knows whereof he speaks:"
      I'll have you know that I'd never use a comic book to stuff my crotch. I'm far too intellectual for that. I used Stephen Jay Gould's "The Structure of Evolutionary Theory." Nothing impresses a woman like a firm grasp of punctuated equilibrium and a tremendous square groin.

      That said, more pages means far more paper cuts. There's one emergency room doctor with one hell of a great party story.

    • Vangie13

      Wow.  Wow.  I de-lurk and get into Eloquent Eloquence?  I'm so thrilled I came out of the shadows again.  WHY are you all looking at me?

    • Frank_247

      One of us. One of us. One of us.....

    • TheCrawlingChaos

      I'm Irish and didn't like Jedward because I'm not 12. 

      Until now. Now  you have your usual semi-Irish semi-spokesperson indulging in typical Irish begrudger y toward them, when they aren't bad rolemodels for kids, their target audience, better than Rihanna singing about S&M and targeting the same market. So now I'm for Jedward.Feck you Paddydog. You langer. I hope you're semi-Irish enough to understand a proper Cork insult.

    • I'm all about the sharing, Mrs. J.

    • Anna von Beav

      The Easy There Agent Starling Comment of the Week goes to LBeees who has been deputized by the Accuracy Police:

      And there's my thing I learned for the day. (Since I missed it originally. Otherwise it would've been my thing I learned that day. But I'm only seeing it now. So it's my thing I learned of today instead.)

    • PaddyDog

      I thought you had been firewalled?  Just as I was wondering who I had to fuck to let you back in?

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