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Today's post on The Poor Man's versions of movies presented a wonderful opportunity for some impromptu singing in the comments. Unfortunately, it was that one song from Armageddon. You know the one. This prompted a couple of responses from mrcreosote. Here's the first:

"You know what I want to do? I want to study quantum physics, break new and innovative ground, perfect a method of time travel that overcomes the myriad of problems involved and use that breathtaking technology to GET AEROSMITH TO BREAK UP RIGHT AFTER THEY STOP DOING DRUGS!!!!"

But that wasn't good enough. Read the rest of his projects after the jump...

"Here at the Cresosote Institute of retroactive musical criticism, we endeavor to provide you with the finest time travelling services to prevent musical atrocities. Our current list of tasks includes:

The Aerosmith project

Billy Ray Cyrus Castration station

Kevin Federline leg breaking Rube Goldberg device

The Musketeer Massacre

The Woodstock re-zoning and enforcement initiative

Please feel free to contribute. You too can prevent Wavy Gravy."

I believe in you, sir!

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