Comment of the Day: Tonight, We Dine on Scrota!

By Miscellaneous | Eloquent Eloquence | March 8, 2011 |


It's only fitting that today's celebration of Women is gleefully capped off by a battle cry from Pajibette esme:

"WOMEN'S LIBBERS, MOBILIZE! The time has come! Our secret plan to take over the interwebz goes into action today! Grab you stilettos (heels or knives, I'm not picky) and for Artemis's sake, get rid of those bras! First initiative: Change Pajiba's slogan back to "It rhymes with vagina!" Everyone should see how dominant we are here! Next: Destroy Al Gore and replace him with an Internet Matriarch! I nominate the corpse of Elizabeth Cady Stanton! And finally: we conquer 4chan once and for all! Tonight, we dine on scrota!"

Poor boys, they must be very confused and angry today. And now, they'll be scared.

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