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March 12, 2008 |

By Dustin Rowles | DVD Releases | March 12, 2008 |

August Rush: Y’all remember when Dustin made a big old ass of himself, fawning all over August Rush, writing that watching it would “liquefy your innards, make your small little atrophied hearts grow three sizes and then melt into a giant puddle of gop that those poor, put-upon theater workers will have to mop up while you’re out singing and holding hands with the denizens of Whoville”? Yeah, well, he stands by it and reminds naysayers, once again, to go fuck themselves. August Rush is “a magically romantic movie in the way that movies are meant to be romantic, a feel good movie that still feels good after you’ve taken stock, after you’ve digested it all and checked the undercarriage for faulty lines because you may just find that you’ve sprung a goddamn leak.” So, deal.

Bee Movie: Ms. Bedhead, who got crazy with her bee metaphors in the review, wrote that Bee Movie wasn’t nearly as obnoxious as the film’s ubiquitous promotional efforts, writing that Jerry Seinfeld’s film is “essentially a cross-pollination of some semi-clever CGI work and a shitload of overpaid celebrity voices. There’s not a lot here besides events and a smattering of slight laughter at jokes that will (thankfully) go over the kids’ heads.” Indeed, she concludes, “The result is a whole lotta nothing, which is about what one expects from Seinfeld, but it’s also a relief to parents who don’t want their kids to deal with anything too heavy at such a young age.”

Dan in Real Life: Dustin went off in a rant about premature backlash again, as he’s wont to do, eventually writing (after he got off his goddamn soap box) that Steve Carell is an “amazingly endearing leading man” who managed to deliver a “performance that lingers like a fatherly hug, a performance so quiet and warm and sweet that [Dustin] couldn’t even bring [himself] to muster up the requisite hatred for Mr. Cook.” Unfortunately, the script was atrocious and the premise too weak, making Dan in Real Life “too big and deep a bruise for Carell to heal all on his own.”

Hitman: Phillip writes that, while the video-game adaptation of Hitman starring Timothy Olyphant successfully imitated the game, it could’ve been much more. In the end, director Xavier Gens settles for a decent, silly actioner with a zippy pace. The film, Phillip concludes, is mediocre at best, at least when it isn”t attempting to develop the characters, which is when it’s simply laughable.

No Country for Old Men: We probably need not reiterate the affection damn near everyone on this site had for the eventual (and deserved) Oscar winner for best picture, but Dan did one helluva nice job of articulating why it was good, concluding that the Coens “fashioned another fantastic movie that’s a genre-swirling mash-up and as psychologically taut and philosophically mature as anything they’ve ever done.” Dan sings his praise, writing that No Country is “a deliberately paced story that places as much emphasis on the emotional turmoil of the observers as the motives of the killer or the trials of the victims. The film is also funny, trafficking in the quick wit and character-driven humor that’s a hallmark of Coen films, where the actors seem to take such profound joy in the slightly off-kilter language that the air becomes electric with the possibilities of where the film might go and around what strange corner it will wander. Most of all, the film is about a world that’s moving on and leaving its once-proud lawmen and protectors to stare blankly at the savagery around them, even as they long to return to a time when things felt simpler, even if they never actually were.”

Sleuth: The Jude Law remake of Sleuth, for reasons that escape me, somehow didn’t get reviewed on the site. It came, went, and was forgotten about before we managed to get a critic on it, though judging from the general consensus (a 36 percent on RT), we didn’t miss much.

No Country for Bees

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DVD Releases | March 12, 2008 |

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