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February 6, 2008 |

By Dustin Rowles | DVD Releases | February 6, 2008 |

2 Days in Paris John writes of Julie Delpie’s directorial debut (she also wrote, stars, co-produces, caters, and sings) that the script is “sharp and witty” and that its advantage over the Before films (Sunrise and Sunset) is that it exchanges Ethan Hawke for Adam Goldberg. Nevertheless, 2 Days in Paris seems to be part of an overall trend: “Our romances are not romantic” anymore.

Across the Universe: Daniel compares Julie Taymor’s Beatles musical to the 2006 Beatles album, Love, beng used as the soundtrack to a Cirque du Soleil show. “The album didn’t just remaster old songs, but tweaked them, buffed them, and rammed them into each other to create a new sonic experience that was both a (mildly) enjoyable novelty and a somewhat fresh spin on mix tapes. But as artistic achievements go, the album landed somewhere between honoring the original songs and, well, destroying them for the sake of selling Las Vegas tickets to baby boomers.”

Elizabeth: The Golden Age: Ranylt writes that the Shekhar Kapur’s sequel to Elizabeth is an “overstuffed metaphor that roars at you through cloddish teeth for two hours” but that the brilliant casting and ridiculous posturing made it the sort of film — if you’re in the right mood — that you can enjoy for its “cheesetastic excesses.” And, if anything else, “there’s something in The Golden Age for literature buffs”.

The Jane Austen Book Club: John was surprisingly impressed with Jane Austen and applauds the film for taking a step toward redeeming the chick-flick genre. He writes that, by following six rules — respect the source material, don’t spend too much on the books, respect men and women, don’t make suburban existence a theme, cast realistic people, and include a terrific cameo by Lynn Redgrave — a romance can “move toward its predictable finish line with integrity.”

She Loves You, Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

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DVD Releases | February 6, 2008 |

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