Bad Friday the 13th Ideas

By Dustin Rowles | DVD Releases | June 16, 2009 |


There were only a couple of new DVD releases today, Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail and the remake of Friday the 13th. So, instead of providing blurbs for the two releases, today to celebrate the release of Friday the 13th, I'm going to recount my favorite bad Friday the 13th ideas proposed by the Eloquents earlier today upon hearing that the sequel to the remake will be set in the snow.

5. Bring it On, Jason: The Curse of the Spirit Stick -- jM & Tracer Bullet

4. Jason And The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants & Jason Learns To Linedance & Jason Makes A Delightful Gumbo. -- Skitz

3. Friday The 13th Part XXIV Jason Vs. Nanook -- admin

2. Jason Amy --insertclevername

1. Jason Makes A Fool Of Himself At The Yard Sale -- emotionalpedant

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