Don't You Dare Drag Donald Duck Into This Mess, Jared F*cking Leto

By Rebecca Pahle | DC Movies | August 2, 2016 | Comments ()

By Rebecca Pahle | DC Movies | August 2, 2016 |


Reviews for Suicide Squad have just begun to trickle in, and by and large, they’re not very good. TK’s review will go up as soon as A) he’s seen it and B) he’s stopped vomiting, but in the meantime, hello, Jared Leto at the world premiere in New York City, what is this?

Are those formal track pants paired with a hideous blue duster made out of the very same fabric as your grandma’s couch, if your grandma had a drug problem in the ’60s? Are those fakeout sleeves? Is that Donald Duck?


Nah. Unless this is Leto making fun of Ben Affleck’s infamous back tattoo, in which case: I’ll allow it.

On the plus side, Margot Robbie is a unicorn:

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