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Here's Some More Opportunities to Harshly Judge Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn

By Dustin Rowles | DC Movies | May 4, 2015 |

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I understand from the Internet that I am probably not supposed to care much for Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn outfit, and maybe the Internet is right. But I am not a comic book reader; I’m a viewer of comic book movies. I’m also, sadly, a heterosexual male, and it’s very difficult for me to judge the outfit harshly. I have no allegiance to the source creation, but I do have a shallow allegiance to incredibly attractive people.

Margot Robbie is incredibly attractive, and while I understand that the outfit and it’s Daddy’s Little Monster logo is no better than, say, Megan Fox’s outfit in TMNT 2


… I am also beholden to my lions [sic]. I’m sorry! I hate me, too.






I am pathetic.

Source: Comic Book News

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