Your Ideal Tattoo

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | July 6, 2009 |


Tonight's diversion comes compliments of Jeremy Feist, who basically already has the coolest tattoo in the history of mankind:


Yeah. That's a Godtopus. Here's hoping he doesn't regret that sometime later in his life.

Anyway, Mr. Feist would like to know what kind of art the rest of you have tattooed onto your bodies? And if you don't already have a tattoo, then what would your ideal tattoo be?

I was once completely averse to tattoos, but SXSW, of course, changed all that, when several of us, between movies, had a little to drink and decided to permanently disfigure ourselves. I went with something simple: My wife and kid's name. And since it's sort of in a scrabble pattern, if we have another child, I have no choice but to pick a name that will crossword off an existing name on that tattoo.

How about you folks? Links to images (using the website url space in the comment form) are certainly welcome.

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