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By Daniel Carlson | Comment Diversions | November 11, 2009 | Comments ()


Last week's afternoon comment diversion went really well, so I decided to continue the topic but take it in the other direction. (Again, I scanned the archives for diversions like this one and didn't see any, but if I'm repeating anything, well, play along.)

One of my best friends is about to become a father. He and his wife are expecting their little screaming terror ball of a boy in early April, and on a recent road trip he and I took, he asked me what movies he should pass down to his kid. We named dozens of movies, and were attracted to the idea of being able to sit down your son when he's a certain age and saying, "This is The Godfather. You're welcome." The question of what movies to hand down to the next generation is a great one, especially for people like Pajibans, and I figured it'd make a good comment diversion. It's a different approach than the cinematic time machine; that one was looking for the movies you saw as a kid, no matter their quality. But this time out, I want to know what movies (or TV shows, thanks to DVD) you want to give your kids because they're great. Whether it's the movies that shaped you, or something from your childhood, or an enduring classic you think they deserve to see, it's worth thinking about.

So: What's your cinematic legacy?

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