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October 29, 2008 |

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | October 29, 2008 |

This is a first: Winner of the Eloquent Eloquence Lifetime Achievement Award and the First Annual Pajiba Oscar, Skittimus Maximus and his trusty, albeit deformed sidekick/appendage, Minimus, offered up this week’s diversion idea. I’ll let him do the honors:

You posted something about that shitturd of a flick The Bucket List today (I actually saw it and one of my Bucket items is to slap the stupid outta the person that suckered Jack & Morgan into actually signing on to it), and I thought of a Comment Diversion. Yeah, it’s trite, and yeah, it’s simple and yeah, it’s… WHO FUCKING CARES?! Do a five-item bucket list. Not necessarily what you’d do if you found out your gonna take a dirt nap, but five things you haven’t quite yet got around to doing in your life … Whether it be fictional, dead-ass serious (I’d like to see my father’s gravestone) or something you’re working towards. Five things that are, and have continually been, on Pajiba’s “to-do” list.

That’s pretty good isn’t it? Right? I mean, shit - throw a brother a bone here. I’ll give you my sister’s number. She’s pregnant yeah, but that don’t mean she will be forever.

So, there you go, folks: What’s on your bucket list: The top of mine is Cannes, though number two is finally putting together Pajiba-con. Details on that front are coming soon.

An Afternoon Comment Diversion / Dustin Rowles

Comment Diversions | October 29, 2008 |

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