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Where You Get to Show off Your Pretentious Side, A**hole

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | March 18, 2009 | Comments ()

Arthur Rackham.gif

This week's diversion looks beyond our normal purview. One of our illustrious readers, Todd, suggested we do a comment diversion on people and artists outside of what we normally cover around here. I like that idea. Photographers, painters, sculptors, poets, economists, playwrights, historians, talk-radio hosts, etc.

Todd offered up Arthur Rackham, a book illustrator, which I only know because I have access to Wikipedia. In other words: Here's your chance to show off, folks. Not only is it allowed, but today, we encourage pretentious name-dropping. Perhaps you can bond over the shared joy of someone the rest of us have never heard of. Put those upper-level grad courses to good use.

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