What's Your Computer Wallpaper?

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | July 30, 2009 |


Last night, I asked in our comment diversion, what movie posters you had on your wall. In that diversion, myysharona (formerly Sharon) suggested we cover computer wallpaper -- our desktop backgrounds. I liked the idea -- we all have computers, otherwise we wouldn't be here. Also, we like talking about ourselves.

As for me, well: I used to have pretty cool wallpapers, I guess. Most of it, I suspect, was David Letterman related. But, once you become a parent, you're kind of morally obligated to use images of your children. I'm one of those lame people now. Not that anyone actually sees my computer -- I work from home and, besides, there's always a browser window open. He's a cute goddamn kid, though.

But what are the cool kids using as desktop backgrounds? Feel free to hyperlink to images. And maybe someone graphically inclined could come up with some cool Pajiba wallpaper?

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