What's Wrong with You?

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | April 15, 2009 |


Today's comment diversion gives you all a chance to take swipes at the collective tastes of the Pajiba staff and its readership. It comes from Cree83, who posited this diversion in an email:

Which Pajiba darling (actor, director, whatever) do you secretly or not so secretly dislike and why? Example: mine is Alyson Hannigan. She gets a lot of love from Pajiba commenters, and she does seem like a nice person, but I hate her acting style. It's like she's saying her lines twice as slow as everyone else. So that's my suggestion, if you guys take them, and if it's not too mean spirited.

I love the notion that Cree83 believes that there's a topic too mean-spirited for this readership.

So have at it, folks. I only ask that you take it easy on a certain, well-sculpted individual with a name that rhymes with Shyan Sheynolds.

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