What Will the Future Remake?

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | July 7, 2009 |


Tonight's comment diversion comes from Chugga, who wonders what movies from today do you expect Hollywood will remake in 10 to 20 years, excluding -- of course -- the many, many remakes they are churning out now, although I suspect many of those movies will be remade again in 2030 (what will Herbie: Fully Loaded look like in 2030, for instance?) Chugga suggested that The Matrix trilogy might be worthy of a remake -- the first wouldn't compare, but some inventive director might actually be able to improve upon the second two movies. It wouldn't be that hard.

Personally, I'm guessing a Transformers reboot in about 2024, after Michael Bay shits out another two sequels before handing it over to Joel Schumacher to run into the ground, allowing the next generation's empty-headed director to stab your eyes out with explosives.

Note: Answers may be considered for a future Guide or SRL. I dig this topic.

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