What Movie Did You Love Despite Initially Convincing Yourself You'd Hate

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | September 1, 2009 |


A topic frequently explored on this site, and others, are movies and television shows that you'll never watch, not just despite the hype and recommendations, but because of it. It's one of the dangers of hype, I suppose. The more people love a certain movie or show, the more our contrarian instinct often rears itself. I have no doubt that just as many people refused to see (500) Days of Summer as saw it, because of my effusiveness. I also know that many people have avoided "The Wire," because sites like ours just won't shut the fuck up about it. I understand. The Boondock Saints, which Prisco reviewed earlier today, is one of those movies for me, though I requested that review because I'm trying to get over my contrarian instinct. "Doctor Who," if anything, proved to me why it's important sometimes to get over our initial prejudices.

So, in light of that, tonight's diversion is devoted to that topic: What movie or television show did you swear you'd never watch did you ultimately end up loving, once you made yourself watch it? Or, in a more broader sense, what movie or television show did you love despite convincing yourself that you never would?

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