What Is the Most Valuable Pop Culture Contribution Your Significant Other Has Made to Your Life?
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What Is the Most Valuable Pop Culture Contribution Your Significant Other Has Made to Your Life?

By Brian Byrd | Comment Diversions | July 11, 2012 | Comments ()


A few weeks ago, Brian Byrd wrote a think piece about how to properly manipulate your significant other into watching a particular show that you like. While one or two people argued that the piece contained gender stereotypes, Brian was speaking from experience, and many of us actually share those same experiences: My wife doesn't watch "The Bachelor," but she watches shows like "Antiques Roadshow," which makes me wish that she watched "The Bachelor."

But, for all of our differences when it comes to television, movies, and music, there is some common ground, and some of that common ground was forged by our pairing. One of my favorite parts about being in a relationship is the ability to introduce movies and television shows to my wife, and as someone who doesn't indulge in a lot of it herself, it's rewarding for me to be able to choose a movie or a television show that she digs.

So, today's comment diversion is not about yourself. It's about your significan other, and his or her contributions to your life. In three categories, what it the best thing that your significant other has contributed to your cultural experience. For demonstration purposes, I'll start:

Movie: Harold and Maude

TV Show: "Downton Abbey"

Music: Van Morrison

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  • FireLizardQueen

    I'm late to this thread, but here goes.

    Movie: Young Frankenstein
    Music: Led Zeppelin, Wilco, Elliot Smith (can't pick just one)
    TV Show: Dunno, maybe Avatar? I generally intruduce TV shows to him and he introduces music to me.

  • Mrs. Beasley

    So I'm super late to this, and it's sort of opposite of what we're supposed to be doing, but I'm just that kind of rebel. Mr Beasley has absolutely the worst taste in movies and tv. He mocks Sons of Anarchy and Mad Men, but loves Hardcore Pawn. Tonight we went through our 300+ dvd collection to get rid of most, and the man tried to get rid of my Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Royal Tenenbaums. He did however keep Hostel, Halloween (Rob Zombies) and Delta Farce- that's GD Larry the Cable Guy. On one hand we've been together over 13 years and have 4 kids. On the other, Larry the Cable guy. I think you understand my predicament here. How do you love a man that so clearly hates himself? He's just lucky he's still ridiculously handsome, and I'm shamelessly superficial.

  • chanohack

    My boyfriend owns zero movies and about eight CDs. He did introduce me to Neil Young-- I'll admit that. The only TV he watches that didn't come from me is Ancient Aliens. I don't think he's brought any movies to the table, and I just asked him and he doesn't think so, either. "I'm just not a pop culture person," he says.

    And that manipulation piece WAS gender stereotypical. It was about convincing a woman, not a significant other, to watch something she's not interested in. Why else would a "girlfriend's" opinion make a difference?

    The more I thought about that "she probably thinks that rotten tomatoes are something to clean out of the fridge" line, the more it bothered me.

  • Morgan_LaFai

    My girlfriend introduced me to Spaced and it is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Not only is the show amazing, but it led me down the bbc path I currently walk. Without Spaced I wouldn't know Black Books, The IT Crowd, The Mighty Boosh, any of the large number of comedy panel shows I adore. I might have discovered it on my own given my love of Monty Python and Fry & Laurie but I can't say for sure.

  • Bodhi

    Overall: Comedy podcasts, especially Doug Loves Movies & How Did This Get Made. We just saw Doug Benson & Graham Elwood here in Tulsa & we (mostly he) got a shout out on the latest Comedy Film Nerds podcast. Epic squeeee!

    Music: Avett Brothers, Yonder Mountain String Band, the Pouges, & professional bagpipe bands

    Movies: Key Largo. He is a MEGA Bogey fan. "Our" favorite is O Brother. He will never understand my undying love for Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, but I love him anyway

    TV: I guess Eureka. I am SO PISSED that its being canceled. Yeah, the last season was shit, but c'mon! Give 'em a little time to redeem themselves!

  • Bodhi

    OH! And Kung Fu Hustle. I love that movie

  • Deatoni

    Her: Movie: Death Note
    Music: Foo Fighters
    TV: Friday Night Lights

    Me: Movie:Angus
    Music:Regina Spektor (and also gave us the one person on both of our "Lists")
    TV: Buffy

  • Young_Grandma_Ben

    Movie - Stop Making Sense
    TV show - We haven't had TV in years but recently my guy brought home all the episodes of Connections and reintroduced me to James Burke. Love it!
    Music - OK, this is impossible. My husband is a professional live audio engineer and he's worked with tons of people and music is basically our life. I can't narrow his input to one band. When we met in our early 20s (17 years ago! gah!), I had 15 CDs and he had 250 or so. We checked the other night, just for giggles, and determined that if you played our entire collection of music (digital, CD and vinyl), you could listen non-stop for almost 35 days without repeating anything. That's not including archived live shows of bands he's toured with. Anyway, I'll go with Radiohead. I might have heard them, but wthout my husband, I wouldn't have appreciated them as much or ever gotten to see them live.

  • BiblioGlow

    Movie: The Terminator series
    TV show: Stargate SG1, for which I am eternally grateful
    Music: He listened to country. I tried to meet him halfway with some Neko Case. Neither really stuck.

  • TheShitWizard

    I met him 16 years ago, and he introduced me to Evil Dead II and Highlander. I fell in love. Whether it was with him or the movies is debatable but we're still together and rewatch both incessantly.

  • DemonWaterPolo

    My wife introduced me to Death Cab For Cutie, Veronica Mars and she doesn't really watch movies. I guess School Ties would be the movie. She doesn't get into many things, but when she likes something she loves it.

  • jamie pants

    Movie: Wizard People, Dear Reader
    TV Show: Doctor Who
    Music: Ozma

  • weaver56

    Was that a crack on Antiques Roadshow? Because I love me some Antiques Roadshow, and you should too. Show me the person who doesn't like seeing old ladies smile out an "oh, that's nice" when they find out their great-grandfathers spittoon is worth $10,000. Also, it's a hell of a lot nicer than those por-er, pawn shows that explain the history only to start bidding

  • Kristobel

    Movie: Yeah, no. My girlfriend likes shitty rom-coms. Although I did watch The Social Network with her, and that was really good.
    TV: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I didn't get it for the longest time, but she got me into it.
    Music: Mute Math.

  • These are the best things I have gleaned from an amalgamation of exes:
    Movie: The Big Lebowski
    Television: Arrested Development
    Music: Modest Mouse
    Added bonus - Book: Lolita

  • Movie: Anything with Bill Murray
    TV Show: Mad Men and Breaking Bad
    Music: Florence and the Machine

    And I'm sooo grateful to him for all of these.

  • Nimue

    I am definately the culture buff in the relationship and the list of things I have gotten Mr. Nimue into would run pages, but for him....
    Movie: Terminator Series
    Music: Guster, The Format, Ben Folds, Muse

  • KatSings

    Lawd, this is hard. TheMaskedEmu has introduced me to a ton of music, but he was woefully ignorant of movies and TV when we started dating.

    Music: Muse - they are so significant that our bridal party entered to Knights of Cydonia, and our first dance was Unintended

    TV: Mythbusters

    Movie: Kung Pow : Enter the Fist and Black Dynamite

  • I never thought I'd see anyone else on Pajiba who enjoys Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. :) I'm not alone!

  • almond

    Movie: anything and everything Sci-Fi, but usually I'm the one with the movie recommendations
    TV show: Firefly
    Music: A Perfect Circle
    We're both big on books and that's where we influence each other most. When I got him to read Point Counterpoint I knew he was the one. When he got me to read Vernon Vinge it was definitely confirmed.

  • nonsensepoems

    my gf is from a small irish farm town and grew up with 8 VHS tapes and not much else. She wasn't much of a reader either. She now loves Cary Grant and Hitchcock films, her favorite tv show ever is Six Feet Under and has read all the Game of Thrones books

  • exploranora

    My boyfriend and I frequent this site and whenever we come home we'll say, "Oh did you see Pajiba gave such-and-such a good review? We should check it out!" So thank you Pajiba, for assuring we share great entertainment experiences together.
    But, before you Pajiba, he did introduce me to:
    1. Movie: Tarantino movies
    2. Show: Top Gear
    3. Music: Muse

  • competitivenonfiction

    Movie: Die Hard, and Bourne Ultimatum
    TV Show: Star Trek: The Next Generation
    Music: This is embarrassing, but I think he's introduced me to pretty much every band/singer etc. that I love now. The National, TV On the Radio, Rural Alberta Advantage...

  • Malin

    Film: This is Spinal Tap
    Tv Show: Doctor Who (He's seen every single episode, even the ones that only exist as reconstructions)
    Music: Manic Street Preachers

  • funtime42

    My semi-significant other (he'd be significant if we ever managed to live in the same time zone), introduced me to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Other than that, he doesn't own a TV or a stereo, did not know who Tiger Woods was when I went "Oh Dear God!" at the first news reports of the car accident, and wouldn't recognize anyone on the freebie list. My attempts to enlighten him make him question my sanity. He does understand the international monetary system, though...

  • betsy

    well, that's a good one. my significant other, should he ever a) realize what pajiba is and b) deign to make a post, would be skinned alive for his love of completely forgettable action movies, nickelback, and 24. but, love is blind and all that, and i rather adore him despite his godawful taste in most things popcult, so i will give the devil his due:

    tv: well...okay, fine. star trek. tng, most specifically.
    movie: seriously, not applicable. he's the only person with less cinematic knowledge than me.
    music: escala. i don't care what anybody says, i love them. shut up.

    ...okay so suffice to say i do all the introducing in our relationship. he's hopeless.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    Movie: Kentucky Fried Movie
    TV Show: Mr. Show
    Music: Sinatra

    And a lot more, but those are just the things that came to mind. Also, I am learning to play ukulele.

  • BierceAmbrose

    Movie: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Shut up.)

    Music: Frank Zappa (Also Weather Report, Joni Mitchell & Steely Dan)

    Author: Harlan Ellison (Also Brian Aldiss)

    Bonus Author: John D. MacDonald / The Travis McGee series of books.

    And the disclaimer - I don't so much have a "significant other" (aside from my other three personalities, surprisingly significant to me), nor even serial sequence of same. Yet, I have always had around me a few people who knew me well and suggest things that fit, vs. for their own aggrandizing.

  • StaroftheMag

    Movie(s): Daywatch/Nightwatch, Ichi the Killer, Resident Evil, a crap-ton of zombie movies both good and bad, ex: I Am Omega starring Mark Dacascos, better known for his role as 'The Chairman' on The Iron Chef. Unwatchable!

    TV: Nip/Tuck, Firefly, Earth's Mightiest Heroes, (we're currently at a bit of a stand-off as I'm refusing to watch Buffy or Prison Break until he tries AR or 30 Rock or Parks and Rec or something that's not a 40 minute long drama, for gawd's sake. No disrespect but I'm not the biggest SMG fan although I recognize that it's a very pro-female show and I can get behind that... I just like 20 minute comedies better.

    Music: A Day to Remember, Puscifer, Metric... but it'll never be even because I gave him the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and what can compare with that?!

    Bonus category;

    Books: ALL OF THE COMICS! I'm currently reading 'The Walking Dead' and Kick-Ass. He is currently reading to me 'The Hulk', Some variation of the Avengers, canny or otherwise, 'Crossed' and 'Hit-Girl'.

    FTR we're both over thirty, gainfully employed and while we do like a fair amount of the same things, what truly floats our respective boats is when we're united in our hatred of a thing, ex: bad drivers, Tom Hanks and his big stupid face, loud talkers, romantic comedies, etc.

  • My husband introduced me to Game of Thrones, and I swear I'm going to finish reading those books some day. He's brought a lot of books into my life, which is a lovely thing to do.

    We've been together for 20 years, so most movies/shows we've discovered together - also for better or for worse. He did introduce me to Deadliest Catch or, as we call it in my house, "shut up, crab fishin's on!" which amuses the kids to no end. Haven't seen the last couple seasons, but it was fun for a while. He coaxed me to watch The Transporter movies. Good, dumb fun with lots of hitting. Thanks, honey!

  • I_Sell_Books

    Movie: none (we have scarily similar lists)
    Music: Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark
    TV Show: Father Ted

    For the record, he's Scottish, I'm American.

  • Ang

    Side note: I wish I had a Scottish significant other.

  • kirbyjay

    He's always telling me I should watch this or that tv show, " you'll like it" ( no I won't) but will never watch a movie that I suggest, recent examples; Bridesmaids. The Bourne Trilogy, probably because our tastes are so different. Right now he's enjoying the hell out of some rednecks on vacation. What is wrong with him?
    He did suggest Weeds though and I watched 6 seasons in about a week.
    We do share notes on music
    He got me listening to Dire Straits
    I turned him on to Arcade Fire
    And his biggest introduction to enjoyable pastimes....Holiday Head. Yeah, you heard right. Gives one something to look forward to on an otherwise dull holiday. Birthdays included. Try it on Arbor Day, you'll never feel the same about a tree.

  • Daddy Mac

    Great comment topic. I too do most of the introducing, but my lady has hipped me to a ton of great stuff. The tops are:
    Tv: Buffy
    Movie: the Bourne Identity
    Music: Lyle Lovett

  • Well this a great comment diversion to read on a night feeling lonely and asexual. But in all seriousness I fancy people that aren't into similar things as me. Means they are likely to be at least more interesting. There was once though where a girl completely unprompted without knowing I was into Star Trek sang the Enterprise theme tune to me. And yeah it's the enterprise theme tune. But there hasn't been much happen to me cooler than that. Type of girl that'll sit on the beach in the cold with my neurotic self. Class act,

  • laylaness

    I'm the cool one. Nevertheless, he did give me:

    Movie: Under the Cherry Moon (shut up, we're both huge Prince fans. We like his music a lot, too)

    Hm. Well, I was into nerdy TV before I met him, and we have comparable music collections, but I think Under the Cherry Moon is a fantastic contribution to my life.

  • buell

    We don't have cultural experiences here in West Virginia.

  • emilya

    his contributions to my life:
    movie: serenity
    tv show: justified
    music: he's a jazz musician, so basically everything about that entire genre

    the phrase "what am i, an asshole?" gets used on a daily basis. although i feel the need to mention that i introduced him to friday night lights, top gear and muse. so i'm pretty sure i win in the introducing competition.

  • I'm the pop culture junkie in the relationship, but he's introduced me to a few things.

    TV: The updated Battlestar Galactica
    Movies: I can't think of a single movie, actually.
    Music: Dan Bern, AJ Roach, Mountain Goats,

  • superasente

    Stargate SG1
    April Smith and the Great Picture Show
    Douglas Adams

  • Katylalala

    Movie: Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
    TV Show: a tie between Firefly and Battlestar Galactica
    Music: Breaking Benjamin

    I mean, I know I already knew this, but what an awesome dude! I am a lucky gal.

  • Jadashay

    Movie : Phil The Alien

    Show: Venture Brothers

    Music: Andrew Jackson Jihad

  • TheEmpress

    Music: Tom Waits

  • Michellery

    Movie: Brain Candy

    TV Show: Deadwood
    Music: Eagles of Death Metal

  • cj

    Show: Adventure Time and Mr. Show
    Music: Jay Z and Reel Big Fish
    Movie: Let's just say, there's a huge appreciation for Spike Lee in this house.

  • Anne At Large

    I was actually thinking about this recently as I am currently obsessing over a bunch of Van Halen that came out when I was in diapers.

    Movie...? We went and saw The Queen and it was totally his idea. It was interesting and well made, so I'll give him credit for that one. Other than that, slim pickings.

    TV show: Doctor Who FTW.

    Music: I will try to keep it short, we are both musicians but he is older than I am so has pulled out some awesome stuff that I never would have known about past what they play on the radio (so in some cases, I never would have known about them at all as they aren't on the radio). Van Halen is a biggie, also Peter Gabriel, The Cult, Rory Gallagher, Mouse on Mars and Anais Mitchell, for starters.

    Although I take credit for introducing him to the awesomeness that is CAKE.

  • jen

    Movie: Buckaroo Bonzai
    TV: Doctor Who
    Music: Bela Flek

    He's way cooler than me.

  • GunNut2600

    Movie: SLC Punk
    Show: The Soup
    Music: The Pixies

    The sad thing...she is nine years younger than me. Basically all the tv, music, and films I was supposed to grow up with, she eats them up.

  • AngelenoEwok

    Movies: QUITE A LOT, but probably the most personally important was Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas. He wrote a piece on it here in Pajiba, and we both referenced it in our wedding vows.
    TV Show: Cheers, or Degrassi. But one of my favorite things is when we experience a great show for the first time, together.
    Music: Aimee Mann.

  • Mrs. Beasley

    I love that you said Emmet Otter. I tried to get the little Beasleys to watch it last Christmas and they shunned it. The only reason I didn't put them up for adoption after such a travesty is because they love A Christmas Story and It's a Wonderful Life as much as I do. I'm keeping an eye on the middle boy though. He thinks Transformers is a masterpiece.

  • The pain of heartbreak and loss that allows me to write with meaning and authenticity.

  • Empress of All the Russias

    Movies: The Apartment, Lawrence of Arabia, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans.
    Music: Wailin' Jennys, Doc Watson, and a whole range of classical stuff

    I do most of the TV introducing. He had never seen The Office until it was in Season 6. I'm the one who knows every show on Bravo and the lyrics to every Top 40 song.

  • Randomlurker

    Movie: Stardust
    TV show: Firefly and Smallville (Shut UP. Our first kiss was set to a background of "Everything" by Lifehouse from one of the first episodes. It's NOSTALGIA.)
    Music: Florence and the Machine.

  • pugalug

    Movie: the thing (john carpenter version) for which I worship the ground beneath his feet. Also, 'Paint Your Wagon" his nostalgic childhood favorite, for its sheer, jaw-dropping surreality.
    TV: The Unit
    For his part, I've introduced him to EVERYTHING else that is good.

  • Carrie/Teabelly

    Movie: Leon

    TV Show: The Wire

    Music: The Roots (though just The Seed)

  • Landon


    Yes, I am thirty-eight.

    Yes, I was aware of the Simpsons as a thing.

    No, I had never seen any episodes of the show until last week, when my S.O. picked up Seasons 1-3 and sat me down and started me on them. It's good. I like it. I see why it took off.

    And yes, I apparently lived in a cave. I've never seen any Looney Tunes, either, except one with the running bird.

  • Three_nineteen

    You tale saddens me. Please accept this humble link in the hopes of alleviating this terrible injustice.


  • The Wire. Within a few months of dating he discovered I hadn't seen it and immediately ordered that we watch the first season that weekend.

  • Bert_McGurt

    I also do most of the introducing/forcing to watch in the relationship. In fact it's really difficult for me to think of any movies, TV or music that I LOVE because she introduced me to it. She's wonderful and all, but I'm definitely the pop culture nerd in the relationship.
    Though I will give her credit for convincing me to watch Firefly and GOT. But she didn't really "introduce" me to them since we both started from square one at the same time, she just made me watch them with her. Movie wise, I think the best would have to be Sin Nombre. I don't LOVE it, but it was a good film.
    And I cannot think of a single musical artist she's introduced me to. Probably because I'm a giant music snob.

  • bizzybzz

    My husband is pop-culturally deaf and blind. I think I've been the one to introduce him to basically everything. I think he has independently, of his own free will, chosen a song to listen to in the car maybe 3 times since we've been together. That sums up his entire attitude to music, movies, and television.

  • chanohack

    Same here. I go to Pajiba for my discussion.

  • PerpetualIntern

    Same here! Although my husband did introduce me to Futurama.

  • I_Sell_Books

    My god, how do you manage?!

  • Eblis O'

    I remember all of the Sigourney Weaver love growing up and completely not understanding it. I had not seen Alien until a few weeks ago, and from what I'd seen of Aliens, it was a silly action movie that just happened to star a female (and uggh, don't get me started on the overwhelming James-Cameron-ness of that movie).

    My boyfriend made me watch Alien and I became a believer. Ellen Ripley was calm and assertive, forceful and direct, brave and intelligent, and looked damn good in that final scene. (I'm gay, and I was kind of turned on. Could be because she had the ass of a slender 20 year old guy).

    Now Alien is on my favorite movies list. Thanks, R.

  • POINGjam

    Thank you. Alien rocks, Aliens can fuck off.

  • SugarSmak

    This post is kind of making me sad, because my hubby really hasn't introduced me to much new in the realm of pop culture - at least movie/TV-wise (he loves "Dragonball Z" and fishing shows, "Spartacus" (Starz) and crappy action movies - during which I'll generally go pursue other interests/errands.) I love art flicks, documentaries, Breaking Bad/Mad Men and all of RuPaul's shows - we have very little in common on that front but, hey, opposites attract, right? RIGHT?

    I guess I can say hubby introduced me to the music of GWAR (I saw them walking around at DragonCon with a former beau back in '97, but never heard them perform.) So there's that.

  • Forbiddendonut

    TV Show: Firefly
    Movie: Pride & Prejudice (BBC version)
    Music: Bob Dylan

  • Three_nineteen

    Since the closest thing I have to an SO is a life-size cardboard cutout of Han Solo and a highly active imagination, I will list the things that Pajiba has hipped me to.
    Movie: Let the Right One In
    TV show: Veronica Mars
    Music: Drive-By Truckers

  • Well one ex got me to watch the Thick of It - and another sort of vaguely suggested I might like Nick Cave. That's about it.

  • the other courtney

    Boardwalk Empire.

    His taste in movies and music will be used against him in court someday.

  • Tracer Bullet

    Painful breakup songs are a lot more resonant than they used to be.

  • Karl Kaefer

    TV: Babylon 5 Movie: Very Bad Things Music: wrote the libretto to my Master's Thesis! Other: co-writes a blog with me which is called X's Mark the Spot And yes, she is my ex-wife. How she put up with me is another story!

  • BWeaves

    Movie: Local Hero

    TV Show: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (with Jeremy Brett)

    Music: The Eagles

    Playtime: Old style Dungeons and Dragons. The kind with books and dice and Cthulhu.

  • supermeg

    Movie: Platoon
    TV Show: Arrested Development
    Music: Black Keys

  • TheBlackMenace

    Movie: The Princess Bride
    TV Show: The Unit
    Music: Mannheim Steamroller

  • Husband has shown me the magical powers of:
    Movie: The Blues Brothers
    Music: The Clash
    TV: 30 for 30 Sports documentaries on ESPN (I hate all sports, but these aren't about sports they're about people. I don't hate all people.)

  • Puddin

    Tv. Magnum PI

    Movies. He's not allowed to pick movies anymore after he made me see Atlas Shrugged

    Music. Easy. Waylon Jennings.

  • TheEverGuest

    Movie: The Fall
    TV Show: Firefly
    Music: ELO

  • nosio

    Movie: Umm, I'm sure there's a few, but the only one coming to mind right now is Alien.

    TV show: Archer, Game of Thrones (the books, too!), The IT Crowd, Sherlock

    Music: Anamanaguchi

    I've done quite a bit of the introducing.

  • Mrcreosote

    TV: Buffy
    Movie: Rocky Horror
    Music: Wu Tang. No, I'm kidding. My SO much prefers the Shaolin sword style.

  • Jeff Amador

    i don't have a significant other :(


  • sassmouth

    I b'lieve that's the actress who plays Lady Sybil on Downton Abbey.

  • Guest

    I thank my husband for:

    Movie: Friday the 13th

    TV Show: Jackass

    Music: Led Zeppelin

  • Anna von Beav

    Movie: None. He hates everything good in the world.
    TV Show: Babylon 5. I'm not sure whether to thank him for that.
    Music: Pink Floyd. I was never a "classic rock" girl, and I didn't know much of their stuff until he came along. That one I will thank him for.

  • ruz

    Movie: True Romance
    TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Music: Cassandra Wilson

  • InternetMagpie

    Movie: Stardust
    TV Show: The IT Crowd
    Music: Sufjan Stevens

    I do most of the introducin' in the relationship.

  • REL

    Many thanks for my wife for:

    MOVIE: Sherlock
    TV SHOW: House Hunters International
    MUSIC: Muse

  • mswas

    Movie: The Quiet Man
    TV: Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Music: Frank Zappa

  • glittergirl1970

    movie: the thing (john carpenter version, of course)
    tv show: the andy griffith show (black & white episodes, of course)
    music: hem's album "rabbit songs"

  • pxilated

    Movie: Harold and Maude :)
    TV show: Dr. Who
    Music: Cheap Trick

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Radio: "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me."

    Is what my recentest significant ex introduced me to that's awesome sauce.

    We enjoyed discovering new shows like "Coupling" together. But most of what the other brought in the pop culture realm was tolerated rather than enthusiastically enjoyed/appropriated by the other.

    Btw, this is a great question.

  • Anna von Beav

    This *is* a great question.

    (Edit:) I have the same situation. He hates everything I like, and vicey-versey. We have, almost literally, nothing in common.

  • hindulovegod

    Movie: No go. He tried and failed with Wim Wenders.

    TV Show: The Wire

    Music: The Dead Weather

  • grendel

    Being a pop culture junkie/depository, it's impossible to pick just one of each...

    Movie: The Holiday/Roman Holiday
    TV Show: she doesn't watch TV either.
    Music: The Hold Steady/Olafur Arnalds

  • BobbFrapples

    *Ex-Significant Other*
    Movie: 300
    TV Show: Invader Zim
    Music: Massive Attack

  • lowercase_ryan

    thanks for making those of us w/out a S.O. feel even crappier about it. These are real feelings and real tears Rowles!! Rude and Mene!

  • Keven

    On the plus side if you had a significant other they could have been trying to "introduce" you to Downton Abbey and that would be just terrible,

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    Did you ever think that the reason you don't have a significant other is because you're overly sensitive, your feelings feel like terrible gas and your tears smell like dog farts?

  • lowercase_ryan

    I'm going to take a random survey around the office and get back to you on this.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    What if we have a significant other that really hasn't contributed anything? Don't get me wrong, I love her to death, but my wife is pancreas crushingly oblivious to pop culture. In this regard, our relationship is definitely streets behind. Wait...

    Movie: Clerks

    That's all I got.

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