What Do You Do on the Toilet?

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | August 5, 2009 |


Nobody likes to think about it, or picture it, or walk into the bathroom afterwards, but as the title to a book I'm reading to my toddler son suggests, "Everyone poops." Preferably on a toilet.

I suspect a lot of major life decisions, new technologies, and movie ideas have been conjured up by a man or woman with their elbows pressed firmly onto their knees. It's universal, folks. And if you've visited many bathrooms, you've also might have noticed an array of magazines siting next to the commode. There are some bathrooms that like look a regular goddamn doctor's office.

Anyway, I put this question to you tonight: What do you do to preoccupy your time while you're making the number two? And if there is regular reading material involved, go ahead and share. It's OK. Most of us don't know you. You're just a name on a pop-culture site silly enough to ask you what you do on the shitter.

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