What Are You Watching Over the Holiday Break?
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What Are You Watching Over the Holiday Break?

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | December 24, 2012 | Comments ()


This is typically favorite week of the year, and not just because it's Christmas: It's because -- besides the "Doctor Who" Christmas episode -- I have no television or review obligations, which allows me to both catch up on movies I haven't seen yet in preparation for our end of year list (next week) and share with my family movies I loved this year that they haven't seen yet. In the last few days, I've seen Sound of My Voice and Killer Joe (both are great, though the former better than the latter), introduced the most fun movie of the year, Pitch Perfect, to the wife, and took in This Is 40 (which I liked), Jack Reacher (which was OK), and The Guilt Trip (which I loathed).

The rest of the week should also see viewings of Christmas releases (Les Mis and Django Unchained), as well as catching up with Perks of a Wallflower, Ruby Sparks, The Imposter and introducing the wife to Looper, and continuing to work through the Star Wars movies with the kid.

I'm sure that for many (most?) of you, it's also a big week of movie and TV marathons, catching up on things you've missed, watching the DVDs gifted to you on the holidays, killing time with the family, and idling away your holiday vacations. So, what have you guys seen, what are you going to watch, and of the Christmas releases -- Jack Reacher, This is 40, Les Mis, Django Unchained, The Hobbit (and Zero Dark Thirty and Promised Land if you're in Los Angeles/New York) -- which are you most looking forward to?

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  • Pretty Hate Machine

    So far, I watched the first three episodes of this season's Happy Endings. The whole season is currently on abc.com until January 5!

    I've caught up with viewing Magic Mike. Suddenly, Charming Potato is appealing to me somehow...........

    Bones Brigade: An Autobiography--big skate fans in this house.

    Last night it was A Christmas Story, today, The Dark Knight Rises. The little Hate Machines were emotionally overwrought by the end, including Mommy PHM.

    Thursday, we hope to see Django, the first time our teenagers are old enough to see a Tarantino movie in theaters!

    Would like to catch Skyfall if it would move to the dollar theater. I have a load of things in my Netflix queue.

    I've got time on my hands to do something worthwhile, but movies are so much better.

  • Ozioma

    Nightmare Before Christmas and Muppet Christmas Carol

  • Fredo

    Having caught The Hobbit last weekend, the only movie I desperately want to see in theaters is Django Unchained. SO I'll catch that as well as get caught up with the ole DVR machine -- Supernatural, Treme and the last 2 episodes of Revolution (just so I can finally delete that sucker).

  • Groundloop

    Yesterday (the 24th), I finally got around to watching Inside Job on Netflix. Well done, and infuriating. Then I rented the retribution free Resident Evil: Retribution, and the whole lotta Big Dumb Fun™ Lockout. Today, I'm off very soon to have brunch with a few friends, and then we're going to see The Hobbit in 48fps 3D because I hate myself. I'm off work until January 7th, so I'll likely see Django Unchained sometime over the break as well.

    Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays y'all!

  • wendy

    It is not Christmas without at least one viewing of Love Actually.

  • duckandcover

    For the theaters, it's going to be Les Mis. For the pirate within me sailing the seven Internet seas, it's going to be the entire season 7 of Doctor Who and the Christmas episode.

  • Ley

    The latest New Girl episode will be the highlight for me. Most of (Christmas) day has now been spent watching Ice Age 4 (or 3? I dunno) and The Three Stooges on the bus.

  • Mavler

    My father and I saw Reacher today and both liked it. The whole family is going to see Les Mis tomorrow and I'm going to take my mum to see Django sometime soon. This women is uptight and disapproving of most things, but strangely she loves her some Tarantino.

  • Omer

    My two-year-old has taken over the television, so repeated viewings of Tintin (both the film from last year and the tv show) will be on a pretty continuous loop. Could be worse, eh?

  • John W

    Saw The Hobbit on Friday. Did not notice anything unusual with the picture.

    Watched Avatar: the last airbender book three last night. I can't believe they let Shyamalan screw that up so bad when they could have had another Potter on their hands.

    Watched A Christmas Tale with Catherine Deneuve. Apparently French families are just as dysfunctional as the rest of us.

    Am watching The Barrens right now with Stephen Moyer and Mia Kirshner (still hot).

  • duckandcover

    Just wait until you get to Legend of Korra re: Avatar: the Last Airbender.

  • John W

    Have been. It's very good.

  • Victoria

    Planning on catching up with Homeland and Bob's Burgers and then watching Perks of Being..., Pitch Perfect and something Christmassy!

  • Gabs

    Homeland, season 2. I think I'm 3 or 4 eps in, and I intend to to finish it before I go back to work on 02 Jan. Other than that, just working through my Netflix queue. December is the best chance I have for making a dent in it; my aim is to get down to 100 on the list. I'm at 112 now, so I'm not sure that'll happen.

  • Ash

    Ruby Sparks is one of the best movies I've seen this year. I must demand that everyone see it.

  • annie

    Les Mis and Django, Beasts of the Southern Wild which I've been dying to see and in honor of the upcoming new season of Justified and the promise of more Tim Olyphant in fitted jeans, seasons 1 through 3.

  • Blake


    And Zero Dark Thirty (and maybe Django).

  • Milly

    As Django isn't released in the UK until 18th January ( I think) I'll be looking for someone I can take to see Pitch Perfect as I cannot see it by myself.

    I've watched it numerous times via a cheeky download, but they deserve my cash.

    Other than that, I'm going to be picking and choosing episodes of Buffy, Angel, West Wing, Archer, Game of Thrones, Red Dwarf, Sherlock, Community, Parks and Rec, Sharpe, Animaniacs, Black Books, Father Ted and maybe, just maybe, some Planet Earth.

  • Robert

    I'm going to go to as many of the prestige films as I can by Friday so my Top 10 list is more defensible than it currently is. It's bad enough I'm that horror guy; I don't want to be written off as a troll because most of my best of list is science fiction and fantasy instead of Silver Linings Playbook and Life of Pi.

  • Quatermain

    Look at it this way...your list will be the one that talks about movies more than a handful of people have seen and/or heard about.

  • Robert

    You'd think so, but it's all indie sci-fi/horror/fantasy. And The Hobbit.

  • Quatermain

    I don't know if this really counts as 'indie' horror, but if you're 'the horror guy' then I'm fairly certain 'Woman in Black' is on your list. If it isn't, it should be.

  • Robert

    Didn't care for it. The second half was great, but the first half was very slow starting. The horror that might make the list are The Grey, Prometheus, and maybe Beyond the Black Rainbow.

  • Quatermain

    Look at it this way...your list will be the one that features movies more than a handful of people have seen and/or heard of.

  • Annoyingmouse

    I'll be guzzling NyQuil and drowsily watching A Christmas Story until the Flu finally kills me...

  • e jerry powell

    Does "paint drying" count?

  • hippyherb

    Downton Abbey, catch up on Supernatural, and Doctor Who.
    It is 5.44 AM Christmas morning here in Australia and I am waiting for my kids to wake up so we can do the pressies. Merry Christmas to all at Pajiba and thanks to all the people who make this site great. Be safe.

  • Rochelle

    The past couple of years a friend I went to see The Kinsey Sicks' "Oy vey! In a manger." We can't do that this year, so we watched Monty Python's Life of Brian. And that's how we strike a blow against the Industrial-Christmas Complex! I'll also see Django Unchained and The Hobbit.

  • dizzylucy

    Les Miserables. Still debating on Django - really want to see it, but I might wait.
    Finally, FINALLY, going to watch The Avengers, and Beasts of the Southern Wild.

    Christmas day with the family often ends up being spent watching Christmas Vacation or a binge of Arrested Development.

  • My sons want us to take them to Les Mis, so that's probably on this week. I may catch up on The Walking Dead (festive, I know). My son has introduced a friend to Supernatural, and they're currently in the middle of season 4 (my favorite), so I expect that will happen intermittently, as well. Other than that, everyone will be playing new video games.

  • BendinIntheWind

    I was unreasonably excited to fine Home Alone I and II on a blu-ray combo pack this weekend, so my sister and I will be inventing a drinking game to play along.

  • Quatermain

    I have to work tonight(the occasional peril of a 24/7 365 operation)and my family is scattered all over the world, so I'm probably not going to do much tomorrow. But if I do crawl out of my cave, I'm leaning towards going to see Django.

    Also, I've just found 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Angel' on Netflix Instant View because apparently someone didn't want me to be productive this week.

  • MissAmynae

    Ernest Saves Christmas with my Grandma. Every year since it came out. Also Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, and Better Off Dead. We like to laugh.

    They'll help balance out the tears from Les Mis. Looking forward to Django, and we're gonna catch Pitch Perfect if we can.

  • Superasente

    The Lone Wolf & Cub movies. Wife got me 18yo Glenlivit, so I'm going to get slowly drunk and revel in bloody Kung fu.

  • Skyler Durden is not logged in

    Over the past week I have finally gotten around to seeing Downton Abbey. I just started season 3. After that, I don't know. Maybe I will finally make myself watch The Wire.

  • Today will be Christmas Vacation and Polar Express. Both are annual Christmas Eve viewings in our house. Possibly Scrooged too if we have time. This week I plan to watch Lawless (home from Netflix) as well as Beasts of the Southern Wild, Looper, and Pitch Perfect. Possibly see Django Unchained next weekend and/or Zero Dark Thirty.

    On a side note I'm really annoyed with Amazon Prime and Netflix instant for seeming to have less tv shows for free than they used to. I would love to catch up on New Girl or Happy Endings but neither is available without paying. Ridiculous. Streaming is never going to become the norm unless the studios/channels can make everything available at the same time. And past seasons should never cost the same as current runs.

  • pajiba

    I think I heard ABC is putting all episodes of its current shows on their site if you wanna catch up on Happy Endings and, say, Scandal.

  • dizzylucy

    Thanks for the info. Scandal is one that I keep debating watching, and if it's all available, I will probably check it out.

  • Definitely catch up on Scandal! The chemistry between the leads is ridonkulous. Season 1 is available on Netflix and Season 2 is on Hulu if you can't find it anywhere else. (I just finished a marathon viewing session to catch up.)

  • linnyloo

    We always watch "A Muppet's Christmas Carol." We've also watched a few other random classics too. We're spending big in the theaters though -- we all hiked out to see "The Hobbit", I finally got to see "Skyfall" last night with my brother, we're going back for "Les Mis", and most of us are watching "Django" too.

  • apsutter

    I'm listening to the Muppet Christmas Carol soundtrack right now! I love that movie so very much.

  • Zirza

    In memory of my late grandmother I will the Sissi films. Anyone who lives in any Germanic nation will know what I'm talking about.

    For those of you who don't: brace yourselves. This is more sugary than marzipan and it tastes roughly twice as kitchy. It's a must see. This shit ain't got nothing on The Sound Of Music. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=s...

  • ,

    "Jack Reacher" on Saturday.

    "A Christmas Story" (what else?) last night.

    Interested in "Django," don't know when.

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