Twittery: An Afternoon Comment Diversion

By Cindy Davis | Comment Diversions | April 3, 2011 |

So, Damon Lindelof still thinks he's funny and he still thinks he can get away with that jackass "Lost" ending, but I'll tell you what Mister: YOU WON'T. (I wonder if I'll ever get over this?) Anyway, he also seems to think he's clever enough to summarize "Lost" in 140 characters:


Dude, not even close. It does explain the simple-mindedness of your show idea though; take a basic plot, stretch it out over six seasons with filler questions and mysteries you'll never answer and at the end, say the characters were the important part. I'm not on twitter, I don't twit, tweet; I try not to be a twat. Still, I like the challenge of trying to capture a show in 140 characters well enough, so why not?

Here's mine: People are people, some cylons are too...but not Starbuck. It has happened before and will again; don't build robots. #BGINONETWEET

Your turn. Sum up your favorite television series twitter-style.

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