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November 28, 2007 |

By Ranylt Richildis | Comment Diversions | November 28, 2007 |

Because Pajibans seem to be firmly wedged in the grumpy these days, why not elevate all that snarl to an art? In the spirit of public grousing, we invite you to rave freely about three categories of pet peeve: Cinematic, Internet*, and Other**.

Film pet peeves come up a lot on this site, naturally—it might be time to round them up in one spot. In the past, Pajibans have posted screeds against hand-held cameras, Nicolas Cage’s slow-fast-slow elocution, Danny Elfman soundtracks, fight scenes edited into oblivion, the Reservoir Dogs slo-mo tough-guy walk-away, and the ever-popular remake. While there may not be anything inherently wrong with any of this stuff, over-use can annoy, and we all have our thresholds. But why stop at only one type of irritation? I give you leave to rant about three different flavors.

My own, at this moment in time:

Cinematic: “Hold me.”

Internet: Single-purpose log-in pages that don’t locate the cursor, by default, in the log-in window. I know, I know—it just takes a second, a wrist-flick, on my part, to do it manually. It’s the bare-assed principle.

Other: My campus bookstore has a no-bag policy, the kind that’s designed to thwart shoplifting. You have to leave your shoulder-bag, parcels, briefcase, or backpack on a shelf by the door before you can proceed into the store itself. I’m all for shop-lifting thwartage, but this particular outfit has no monitoring policy or check-in service; leave your shoulder-bag on a public table, vulnerable to any light-fingered jackass’s whim, or take your business elsewhere. These backpacks tend to contain irreplaceable course or research notes, expensive textbooks or out-of-print press, not terribly affordable athletic gear, and various other personal miscellany. That is so many ways of fucked up, I can’t even begin to express my irritation (no, swearsies—I really haven’t even begun). Congratulations, University of Ottawa Bookstore: you’re my non-cinematic, non-Internet pet peeve of the week for your utter lack of consideration and foresight.

* The first Pajiban who lists “comment diversions” under this category gets a virtual fermented-corn pie in the face, in celebration of his or her predictability.

** Ditto to the first commentator who lists “Ranylt’s writing style” hereunder.

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Comment Diversions | November 28, 2007 |

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