The Road Trip Playlist

By Daniel Carlson | Comment Diversions | August 25, 2009 | Comments ()


I know we've done quite a few Comment Diversions about music -- best wedding reception songs, breakup songs, etc., etc. -- but I'm pretty sure we've never done one on this topic. (At least, I hope not. If we have, indulge me.) Tonight's diversion is a personal plea straight from me to you. I'm preparing to move from Los Angeles to Houston, and since I'll be driving east on I-10 for a couple days straight, I thought I'd turn to you lovely people for suggestions about the playlist. Road trip music is a vibe all its own, and songs you love in more regular contexts can often take on a whole new grandeur when heard at 85 mph cruising through the desert. I'll take any genre, any era, any tune.

So: What songs would you want on the road trip playlist?

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