The Most Famous Person You've Ever Met

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | May 20, 2009 |


Tonight's comment diversion is an easy one: Name the three most famous people you've ever met, excluding large crowd situations (autograph sessions, book signings, political rallies, etc.). I'll start:

1. Elvis Costello in Florence, Italy. He randomly sat at a table three feet from Mrs. Pajiba-hyphenate and I on our honeymoon. Naturally, I made a complete ass of myself).

2. Bill Clinton -- Little Rock, AR. I worked for his campaign in 92. Charming, gregarious motherfucker. If he'd asked me for a testicle, I'd have said: Left or right?

3. Kevin Bacon -- Benton, AR. On the set of End of the Line when I was 13. I was an extra. I got $20 and free soda. And now I'm one degree away from Kevin Bacon. Jealous?

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