The Most Famous Person From Your Hometown

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | May 21, 2009 |


Last night's "what celebrity have you met" comment diversion actually inspired another thematically similar one. Yesterday, I asked who the most famous celebrity you ever met was. Tonight, I ask only: Who is the most famous person from your hometown, a question likely to elicit a lot more obscure names, particularly for those of you -- like myself -- who came from smaller towns.

In fact, there's only one person from my hometown anyone has ever likely heard of: Cliff Lee. He won the Cy Young last year in the American League (that's a baseball award for the sports illiterate). His older brother was on my Little League team, and his father was my Little League coach. Their mother also had only one arm, but she compensated with the loudest, deepest Southern accent I've ever heard. She was so loud and shrill that my father had to stop attending my games for fear of permanent ear damage. Good people, though.

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