The "Game Of Thrones" Death Watch: Episode 3.3
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The "Game Of Thrones" Death Watch: Episode 3.3

By Brandon Johnson | Comment Diversions | April 19, 2013 | Comments ()


Welcome back to the Death Watch, your copious details of the likelihood of each character to get killed this season in "Game of Thrones." As before, there will be spoilers for all past episodes, and a strict NO SPOILERS policy on the comments. Anything referring to the future is purely speculation.

For those of you looking to talk about future spoilers, stay for the read and take your comments over to Joanna's post here.

Jaime and Brienne continue to be far and away the most interesting storyline to me. I don't think their chance of living/dying changed very much in this episode, but Jaime going out of his way to help Brienne shows a big shift in their dynamic. I'm very excited to see where they go from here.

Rating System:
1 = Safe
10 = Imminent Death

Biggest Movers from Last Week:
Gendry: +4
Theon Greyjoy: -4
Hot Pie: -3
Davos: -3

Podrick: 5. So far he's a war hero and a sex god. Nobody has it this good in Westeros. It feels like something bad is coming, though I hope I'm wrong.

Guy Who Thinks He's Getting a Dragon: 10. Come on. He's a slaver who forces men to murder babies. He doesn't get a dragon.

Jaime Lannister: 5. Still alive, but as he lost his right hand, so did he lose everything that has defined him for his life. It will be very interesting to see what he becomes as he will be forced to create a new identity for himself.
Brienne: 6

Arya Stark: 1
Gendry: 7. Melisandre has left in search of Stannis's blood for a sacrifice. Gendry is the only other person we've ever met with Baratheon blood.
Hot Pie: 2. He has to be back at some point, right? Otherwise, what was the point of him?
Hound: 8
Thoros of Myr: 6
Nymeria: ?

Cersei Lannister: 3. The small council scene reminded me of her cunning and why she'll probably stick around.
Joffrey Baratheon: 2
Loras Tyrell: 4
Margaery Tyrell: 2
Lady Olenna: 2

Tywin Lannister: 6
Tyrion Lannister: 1
Shae: 7
Bronn: 4
Varys: 3. Everyone needs his information more than they need him killed. Except for...
Petyr Balish: 6. So he's going to the Eyrie to marry Lysa Arryn? I'm sure that'll go smoothly.
Sansa Stark: 4
Maester Pycelle: 3
Lancel Lannister: 2
Tommen Baratheon: 1
Myrcella Baratheon: 1

Daenerys Targaryen: 1
Jorah Mormont: 7. "All men must die." That's not promising.
Barristan Selmy: 3
Dragon 1: 1
Dragon 2: 2
Dragon 3: 4

Jon Snow: 1
Ghost: 4
Ygritte: 2
Samwell Tarly: 2. Now's your chance to do something good. Try not to get everyone killed.
Commander Mormont: 7. Sam's probably getting everyone killed.
Mance Rayder: 2

Stannis Baratheon: 3
Davos Seaworth: 5. Melisandre leaving Dragonstone significantly improves his outlook.
Melisandre: 7

Theon Greyjoy: 3. He's pretty lucky to have a sister that's way better at everything and a ninja/janitor/archer as a guardian angel. Looks like he's just about in the clear now.

Robb Stark: 2
Catelyn Stark: 3
Talisa Maegyr (Stark?): 3
Grey Wind: 3

Not Pictured This Week:
Bran Stark: 1
Rickon Stark: 4
Osha: 5
Hodor: 2
Summer: 2
Shaggy Dog: 3
Jojen Reed: 2
Meera Reed: 3

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • Andrew Spratt

    I was thinking Theon would have a higher number, considering he now has a crushed sternum from that mace attack...

  • zaga

    no spoilers, but aside from 2 names on that list, you could not be more wrong....
    prepare yourselves, it will not be prety, you will not be amused.

  • Frank

    The dragons still have names. The names remain Viserion (Cream), Rhaegal (Green), and Drogon (Black). Please adjust your odds accordingly.

  • Natallica

    I've been rocking back and forth so many times between the "Pity Theon"-"Hate Theon" bandwagons that I think I just might want him killed just because I'm getting really tired.

  • Three_nineteen

    At least you have feelings about Theon. I think he's boring and his storyline is boring, which is great because then I just fast-forwarded through his torture scenes.

  • $27019454

    Theon exhausts me. My Theon Hate exahausts me. My Theon Pity exhausts me. Fuck Theon -- He's exhausting.

  • koko temur

    I wonder if we can get a detailed explanation to why cat and robb are considered safe. Or littlefinger in danger. You know, for laughs.

  • BWeaves

    For the same reason Ned was considered safe.

  • koko temur

    Was that because he was considered a top billed character, or his inner goodness and stuff?

  • BWeaves


  • Sara_Tonin00

    Guy Who Thinks He’s Getting a Dragon: 10. Come on. He’s a slaver who forces men to murder babies. He doesn’t get a dragon.

    hee hee hee. It's like my thoughts, in funny form.

    I have no idea what the hell is going on in Theon's storyline, but it's Theon, so I don't really care.

    This is the only show I make a commitment to watching and every week I'm left wanting more in the best possible way.

  • See, I'm guessing (haven't read the books yet. YET! Don't fuss at me.) that he'll get the dragon and then it cooks and eats him.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I haven't read the books yet, and from reader friends I trust - I don't need to/shouldn't expend the effort. I am actually loving that I have no idea what's coming up, as opposed to seeing something I love on the screen a la LOTR.

  • YES. That's why I haven't read them either - I'm enjoying the WTF? moments too much.

  • competitivenonfiction

    I've read the books and am not sure if I'll continue as the next ones come out. The show is doing a great job and the books are a little sprawling.

  • Ian Fay

    As to Stannis, he does have a wife. And a daughter.

    I'm not sure if the show has mentioned them yet, but I'd hardly consider it a spoiler.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I kinda thought that was who Melisandre was going to be going for - the daughter.

  • BWeaves

    Yes, he's mentioned them, right before Mel ripped her clothes off and got impregnated with a demon smoke baby.

  • $27019454

    Her timing was perfect.

  • John G.

    the point of Hot Pie was to teach Arya that you can't make a wolf pack out of just anybody. You have to choose your pack wisely. Some people will abandon you and some people are just idiots.

  • jollies

    I though it was to show that it's harder than it looks to make a wolf-shaped loaf of bread, even if you are named after stoner microwave food.

  • Kelly Albert

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  • MissAmynae

    *sings sotto voce* hot pie-ket!

  • Sara_Tonin00

    that's a little harsher than I thought. I thought it was about some companions being temporary, and that's ok. (well, that and fat jokes, because this series loves fat jokes as much as it loves naked whores) I'm fine if we never see Hot Pie again.

  • koko temur

    I always thought it was more to give arya apportunity to lead, like lady nymeria she worshiped, but your version is streets ahead. Great!

  • John G.

    well, it's both, and more too, but I can't get into it on a non-book-readers post.

  • koko temur

    Fair enough. Post something insightful again on next spoiler-whore thread, ill ask you about it then. ^-^

  • sean

    You know 5 minutes on Wikipedia could clear all this up.

  • Jezzer

    Sean, that whole thing where he announced he was unspoiled and wanted to remain that way was completely lost on you, huh?

  • BWeaves

    Been there, and I'm going to play nice, just like if I'd read the books, which I haven't.

  • Gerb

    If you aren't going to read the books, why go to wikipedia? Doesn't that spoil everything? If you had read the books at least you're still watching to see what you read brought to life. I'm not trying to attack you, just interested in your motivation.

  • BWeaves

    I never said I wasn't going to read the books. I said I haven't read them YET. I'm really getting into the TV show, which makes me want to read the books, but they are massive, and I have a full time job, and I haven't had the time YET, but they are on my to do list.

    I'm the type of book reader my darling husband hates. I read the last page first. Then I read the last chapter to see how it all turns out. Then I go back to the beginning to see how they got there. I enjoy the ride more than the outcome. So I love spoilers. I went to Wiki to see what happens, but I will eventually read the books to enjoy the writing.

    In the meantime, I don't have HBO, either, so I have to wait for the DVD to come out to get the TV series, sigh. Darling husband hates spoilers, so I can't talk about what's happening until we BOTH watch the DVDs, so I have a year before I can get to where you are right here. I can't wait.

  • Sirilicious

    You could download illegally and then still buy the DVD's. At least you can join in the discussion with everyone else.

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