The 10 Attractions I Most Want To See At The Proposed Hunger Games Theme Park

By Joanna Robinson | Comment Diversions | November 8, 2013 |

OMG, you guys! Lionsgate, the studio behind the amaaaaaaazing Hunger Games movies, wants to open up a Hunger Games theme park! OMG! You could, like, live inside The Arena 24/7! How bonkers amazing would that be?! Now, like, I’m not smart like the movie studio peeps or the like those crazy cool game makers in the books but these are just a few ideas I had. Wait! LOL! Wait! What if they set up cameras so we could watch from home!?!? That would be soooooooo fun, you guys! Okay so anyway, here are my like totes cool ideas for attractions. What do you think?

The Tower Of Tracker Jackers!

The Poisonous Flower and Tea Garden!

Big Blood Rain Mountain!

Jabberjay Jamboree!

Electric Storm Zone!

Nightlock Bar & Grill!

Saltwater Tsunami Tslide!

Muttation Melee!

Carnivorous Bug House!

Rue’s Rowdy Karaoke Hour!
Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 8.47.19 AM.png

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