That's Not My Gatsby! Dreamcasting Your Favorite Book

By Joanna Robinson | Comment Diversions | March 30, 2011 |

Are you confused, Ryan Gosling? Me too. I agree. They obviously should have called you.


I've subsequently learned that director Baz Luhrmann plans to film his wretched "Bloat Gatsby" in 3-D so I'm prepared to wash my hands of the whole endeavor. At any rate, Gatsby isn't my favorite book. Not by a long shot. That would be "Good Omens" (I know, I know, I talk about it a lot). Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, "Good Omens" is being made into either a film or mini-series and I am paralyzed with fear that they will get it truly, terribly wrong. So my query to you is, if you heard tomorrow that your favorite novel was being made into a film, whom would you cast? Alternatively, if your favorite book was already made into a film, what did you think of the casting job They did? Did They get it right or did They let you down. . .again. . .stupid They.

I'll leave you with this excellent video that someone made for the closing credits of their dream "Good Omens." They did a bang up job with the casting, and if Edgar Wright were to direct, I would faint dead away. Many thanks to twig for bringing this to my attention.

Joanna Robinson is sick and tired of seeing Keira Knightley pop up in adaptations of her favorite novels. She's also devastated they didn't make "A Picture of Dorian Gray" when Jude Law was young and had a full head of hair. Lastly,, don't discount book devouring. Great source of fiber.

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