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May 28, 2008 |

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | May 28, 2008 |

Today’s diversion suggestion comes by way of Todd, who suggests that it’s all about music that makes you think of a particular thing, or a thing that makes you think of particular music. And it’s got to be personal, the kind of thing you have to explain because no one else will get it otherwise. Todd, for instance, offered up Holes’ “Live Through This,” which he listened to whenever he played the Tomb Raider video game back in the ’90s so that, now, whenever he hears Hole, he automatically associates it with Tomb Raider and vice-versa.

As for me, my strangest musical association is a song that is apparently linked to a clogged or repressed memory of mine, buried deep into my subconscious.. For reasons that I cannot quite fathom, whenever I hear ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” — a song that I do not particularly like — I inexplicably well up. I get involuntarily verklempt the same way I would, say, if I discovered a lost videotape featuring my late father holding my little brother when he was still an infant. I don’t know why this happens, but it really needs to stop. Now that the Mamma Mia trailer is playing before half the movies I see, I oddly find myself near tears before the feature movie even begins. I see therapy in my future.

Now your turn.

Strange Musical Association

An Afternoon Comment Diversion / Dustin Rowles

Comment Diversions | May 28, 2008 |

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