Songs to Heal a Broken Spirit

By Sarah Larson | Comment Diversions | December 30, 2009 | Comments ()


Today's Comment Diversion comes by way of request from scorzi, who sadly just lost her uncle to cancer.

"Two days after Christmas my Uncle Brian succumbed to bladder cancer (the doctors had gotten all the cancer, but he developed a blood clot and lapsed into a coma, leaving him brain dead.) As we plan the funeral, my mother is taking her brother's death very hard. We've always been close and used music to express ourselves, though not as pretentiously as the guys in High Fidelity. I was wondering if you had extra space on the boards if we could do a comment diversion listing songs to comfort someone after a death. I plan to take the list and burn the music for my mother in celebration of her brother's life."

I'm so sorry, scorzi. Cancer smells and has fat ankles and totally wears dirty knickers because it's too lazy to do laundry and too cheap to buy new clothes. That being said, I'm not really going to be of much use on this one. I'm kind of an asshole and not very good with things like human emotions. Also, I have horrible taste in music (no, seriously, I mean horrible). I somehow doubt it will help you work through your pain to listen to Paula Abdul or the soundtrack from Son in Law. Pajibans have notoriously impeccable taste in music, though, so let's throw this one out to them.

Songs to heal a broken spirit, y'all. Don't muck about and screw with us by saying jackassy stuff like Insane Clown Posse, either. If I wanted the helping to hurt, I'd have just emailed poor scorzi my own iPod playlist.

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