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Earlier this week, we ran a poll asking you who you’d vote for in the election if it were held today. By a pretty substantial margin, Barack Obama (41 percent) was the candidate of choice on Pajiba, with John Edwards (23 percent) and Hillary Clinton (19 percent) quite a ways behind. I don’t take issue at all with that choice; in fact, I think it’s pretty goddamn cool. However, many of you mentioned that, if he were running, you’d cast your vote for Al Gore, while a number of you also threw your support behind the libertarian running as a Republican, Ron Paul.

So, for the edification of my own curiosity, and to kill some time before the afternoon’s reviews are posted (Fantastic Four II and Nancy Drew, get excited!) I just wanted to follow-up with a new poll, this time including both Paul and Gore, as well as Bill Richardson, just to see where all of you stood with those three in the mix.

And not to dissuade anyone from picking Paul, but really? I appreciate that guy’s libertarian streak, but c’mon: He’s a likable, mild-mannered version of Pat Buchanan — a strict constructionist, who — yes, would vote to end the war and increase business competition - but, he’d also push to abolish income tax, eliminate all social programs, oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants, overturn Roe v. Wade, and make the United States an isolationist country. But, maybe that’s what some of you want. I dunno.

Anyway, vote away, if you feel inclined.

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Comment Diversions | June 15, 2007 | Comments ()

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