Secret Shames -- Actor Edition

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | December 3, 2010 |


In the early days of the comment diversion, we used to get a tremendous amount of mileage out of Secret Shame diversions ("guilty pleasure" seems like such a misnomer, since so many share the same guilty pleasures. For instance, Love, Actually). I thought this morning, between reviews, we'd do a quick Secret Shame Actor diversion: Bad movie and television actors who you, inexplicably, kind of like. And remember: These aren't guilty pleasures, like say Chelsea Handler. These are actors you should be ashamed of liking. If you inexplicably like, say, Charlie Sheen or Snooki, now that's a secret shame you should be ashamed of revealing, which makes this diversion all the more fun.

Here: I'll get you started: Matthew McConaughey.

What can I say? The man makes horrible movies, but sometimes he has just enough sleazy charm to make them almost bearable (except for Ghosts of Girlfriends Past because jeezum goddamn crowe).

Let the shaming begin.

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