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By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | August 17, 2009 |


Today's comment diversion comes from gp, who made the suggestion in the Time Traveler's Wife rant thread. It's appropriate on the very day that we unleashed the Ten Most Heinous Book-to-Screen Bastardizations of Novels. gp suggests that we need a comment diversion where we re-write the endings to movies. Because, as he suggests, "Titanic didn't have to be so sink-y."

That should be easy enough among this crowd. And as for my own personal suggestion, I always feel like a zombie apocalypse is a fitting end to nearly any movie. There are never any loose ends. And so, I think that's an appropriate way to conclude Sex and the City. Mr. Big is infected by a zombie, the entire city of New York is overrun by the undead, and the President (played by Bill Pullman) is forced to drop the bomb on the Big Apple.

It's the happiest ending anyone could imagine.

Your turn: Pick a movie. Rewrite the ending.

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