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December 31, 2008 |

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | December 31, 2008 |

A lot has changed on Pajiba over the past year, most noticeably the fact that we cram posts down your throat eight to ten times a day, instead of the two to four posts we were pulling off this time last year. Since then, on the staff, we’ve added Prisco and TK (both of whom came from the Eloquent ranks); the site was hijacked by terrorist women for a day; the Best 20 Seasons of the Last 20 Years nearly tore us all apart; one of our own, AlabamaPink, suffered a setback; BarbadoSlim got stuck in TK’s dungeon; Skittimus Minimus and Maximus broke through the scene and helped to introduce a Pajiba deity and a Murdertank; the comments section went from rabidly feminist to weirdly boob obsessed; we introduced three new retrospective series — the Pajiba Blockbuster, Hangover Theater, and Twisted Masterpieces — Prisco got Cannonball Read started; the Seriously Random Lists have started to test my ability with Roman Numerals; the Boozehound began his weekly column; and — of course — we launched Eloquent Eloquence and have given away over 25 T-shirts and pissed off plenty of people since (that’s mostly on account of Prisco, God Bless him).

And now with other blogs falling by the wayside (Nick Denton’s empire is crumbling, for instance), we’re praying to Godtopus that we’ll be around to celebrate our 5th Anniversary in June (count on it! The recession can eat it, bitches). And, somehow, with the new eyes, the increased visibility of the site, all the new features, and the scores of new Eloquents, we’ve still managed not too succumb to the backlash. Oh, it is still nigh, but hopefully, we can push it back another year.

Anyway, as we did last year, here’s a look back at the Top 25 Eloquents of the year. They’re not ranked by favorites, of course (we love you all, equally, except for Jay, who has been our unwitting, good-natured punching bag all year long); they are merely ranked by number of posts. And there’s been quite a bit of turnover. I’d wanted to, once again, give a shout out to all those who have commented more than 100 times (as I did last year), but with over 156,000 comments now, it’s impossible to wade through them and count them all up. I’m truly sorry, but those of you who have commented over 100 times this year and certainly known among the staff and the other Eloquents and we value the hell out of your participation.

Anyway, here’s that top 25; I won’t say how many comments each left, except that you had to leave at least 500 to qualify and that our number one commenter left over 3000 in 2008.

25. Bucdaddy
24. Robert
23. Snath
22. Genny (also Dusty)
21. Figgy
20. Che Grovera
19. Nicole
18. Pissboy
17. Admin11
16. Optimus Rhyme
15. BWeaves
14. Sofia
13. PaddyDog
12. jM
11. Twig
10. Cindy
9. Kolby
8. Anastasia Beaverhausen
7. Sarina
6. Pookie
5. Shadows of Dakaron
4. BarbadoSlim
3. Skittimus Maximus
2. Jay
1. Julie

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A New Year's Tribute to the Pajiba Comment Section / Dustin Rowles

Comment Diversions | December 31, 2008 |

Dustin is the founder and co-owner of Pajiba. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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