How to Get Over a Break Up

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | May 13, 2009 |


Tonight's evening comment diversion comes from yours truly. It's a squishy, conversational one. See: It's Spring, and back before I was nailed down by the palms to my eternal domestic bliss, the Spring always had a way of prompting break-ups. For a lot of unmarried folks, when the nice weather returns, so do wandering eyes. There's something about the return of cleavage-bearing blouses, summer dresses, and 14 hours of sunlight that provokes waves of restlessness.

So, for a lot of folks, Spring is dump or be dumped season. And I suspect that there are a lot of relationships falling apart out there in Pajiba-land right now (and hopefully some new ones burgeoning).

This evening's diversion is designed for those going through the break-up. There are a lot of homemade remedies for hangovers, so I pose this question to all of you: What's your break-up cure? How do you get over a break up? Angry music? Rebound hate fucks?

Share away.

(As always, email me with ideas for evening comment diversions)

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