Goin' to a Party Where No One's Still Alive: Mrs. Julien Cordially Invites You...

By Cindy Davis | Comment Diversions | July 17, 2011 | Comments ()


Today's comment diversion comes to you courtesy of the lovely Mrs. Julien, who apparently would like to dine with a bunch of dead people. This being Pajiba, dead people and zombie fascinations are not only tolerated, they're encouraged. (I'm not sure how hungry we'd be, sitting around the table with a group of semi-fleshed beings, but what the hell?) We'll indulge our hostess by tweaking the classic Dinner Party rules a bit.

Since it was her idea, I figure we're all headed to the great hall of Mrs. Julien's gigantic home. It must be gigantic--after all--she invited us. I'm certain there will be fancy cocktails by the gallon and a feast the likes of which Tyrion Lannister, himself, would order. From what I read on the invitation, we each get +5, deceased guests only.

Here's Mrs. Julien's list:

Jim Henson
Oscar Wilde
Elizabeth I
my maternal grandfather ( I never met him)
my paternal grandmother (I never met her)

While I admire your choices, Mrs. J., I'm going to liven up this shindig with at least a couple of hot guests. Hope you don't mind. My +5 are: Michael Hutchence, Heath Ledger, Salvador DalĂ­, Edgar Allen Poe and Dominick Dunne (he would fill the night with great stories and gossip).

Let's go, Pajibans; RSVP below with your invitees and please remember to bring our kind hostess hostess a gift.

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