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Music for the Pajiban Dinner Party

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | July 9, 2009 |

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This diversion comes from, let's call her A, and it's really more of a request. But we like to help out folks when we can, and when their needs fit ours. This is kind of an unusually broad comment diversion about the sort of music one should play at a dinner party. I'll let A describe her situation:

"I'm throwing a full-on, proper, sit-down, adult dinner party on Friday. By "full-on," "adult," and all that jazz, I mean that it's not a kegger, but an actual, eat-and-talk kind of affair. The problem is, I have no idea what music to play in the background. The menu is going to be your average, Southern, summer fare (I'm not sure if it matters but salad, dip, salmon, spinach, potatoes, bacon-wrapped dates, grilled peaches, peanut butter brownies, and coffee), and the persons attending will eat fully without wholly giving a shit what's on the radio. I mean that my guests are not the kind of people who will object horribly to bad music and would riot on the spot. I only wish to play music that works well for a dinner party, is duly awesome, and is Pajiba-approved I'm curious as to whether the Eloquents have good suggestions above and beyond the Esquire Top 50 Songs Which Men Should Love, which I found deeply lacking."

Bacon-wrapped dates and peanut butter brownies? Now, that's a dinner party I'd like to attend, although if you're doing a Southern dinner party, I might suggest mint juleps. A couple of those, and nobody will know will notice the music anyway.

Dinner-party music, then. Not too fast; not too slow. Some mid-tempo background music that's not too embarrassing, not too hipster, that's pleasant, but doesn't call attention to itself.

I think Explosions in the Sky would be just about perfect. I invite the rest of you to top that suggestion.

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