Crappiest Super Powers

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | June 9, 2009 |


Twitter isn't complete useless. Today, one of the more popular trending topics is #crapsuperpowers, which is basically an excuse for Twitterers to waste time by making up shitty superpowers. Here are some examples:

@greebo1 #crapsuperpowers The power to see through milk.

@gxrobillard being Aquaman. #crapsuperpowers

@gwotis #crapsuperpowers the ability to sneeze on command

@synerje #crapsuperpowers The ability to see old and fat people naked

@agirl2224 #crapsuperpowers to make someone else to pick their nose and eat it

@kg4uzj #crapsuperpowers The ability to die on command.

Anyway: You folks get the idea. And, in general, you're much more creative than the average Twitterer. So have at it: What's the crappiest superpower?

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