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September 4, 2007 |

By Ranylt Richildis | Comment Diversions | September 4, 2007 |

Not all of us can be as lucky as regular commentator Alex the Odd, whose side was once brushed by Christian Bale and her ear teased with his silky apology as he loped along an English sidewalk. Nor can we here at Pajiba always be as inspired as commentator wsapnin who, in response to Alex’s anecdote, suggested we run a Diversion in the same vein.

Well here it is. Tell us who you’ve met, snogged, dined with, schooled with, worked with, or accidentally tripped over in the street. There are only a few parameters: (1) being part of an audience at a live gig doesn’t count, (2) don’t get us sued, and (3) try to keep the names recognizable on an international scale (e.g. living in Ottawa, I’ve met a few Canadian politicians, but apart from Pierre Trudeau—who shook my hand in a park when I was five—these types of figures do little for our purposes).

My own celebrity run-ins are tepid (partied with pre-famous Matthew Perry in high school, told Loreena McKennitt she sang like a mermaid—shut it! I was 17), so I won’t bore you. In fact, I’d be much better off talking about my Aunt Barbara who, in her day, was quite the It Girl and partied with Johnny Rotten and a very young Stevie Wonder. This is the same aunt who charged every kid in her neighbourhood a quarter to sit in the passenger seat of my grandfather’s car after Elvis had planted his ass there between airport and hotel (my grandfather was an architect who designed the brand new hotel Elvis was staying at and—so goes the family lore I don’t quite believe—somehow got assigned driver duty. Probably because my grandfather was a rebarbative, unflappable codger impressed by nothing in the world).

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Comment Diversions | September 4, 2007 |

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