Your Favorite Children's Book

By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | July 27, 2009 |


So, I got to thinking after that Where the Wild Things Are post I wrote a couple of hours ago -- Lil Pajiba owns about 3,000 books now. Some I like; some I can't stand, although there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to which of the books he prefers (the existence of cows and/or tractors does seem to help, however).

Still, I'm largely unfamiliar with kid's literature (ages 2 - 9). I basically went from a child who didn't read straight to Encyclopedia Brown, and completely missed out on the board books, Maurice Sendak, and most of Dr. Seuss' oeuvre (which I've become remarkably familiar with over the last year or so).

So, I put the question to you: What are some of your favorite children's books, both as a parent (if you are one) and from your own childhood?

Me: So far I love, for example, Mickey in the Night Kitchen and Hippos Goes Berserk .


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