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By Dustin Rowles | Comment Diversions | September 3, 2009 | Comments ()


This will be the last of our regular nightly comment diversions (although, the diversions will continue -- including a weekend thread beginning Saturday), and I wish I had a better idea for this one. But as I head out to the West Coast for a brief holiday trip tomorrow morning, I've already begun to dread the flight. I don't like flying.

But there's something about being 32,000 miles up in the air that has a way of affecting my judgment. I speak of airplane movies: Bland, generic harmless movies aired on cross-country trip to calm the nerves. The pumped in oxygen, the fear of imminent death, and the cramped quarters do tricks on me. And when I do give in to the in-flight movie because whatever book I'm reading hasn't done enough to make me forget I'm essentially defying gravity in a huge tin oblong, I sometimes give up $5 for a crappy set of headphones and give myself over to a movie usually created to appeal to cross-country travelers. (Note: The worst airline movie ever: Mission Impossible III. That's just cruel.)

So, tonight's diversion is this: Have you ever enjoyed an in-flight movie that you know you wouldn't have liked while sitting in a movie theater or on your couch? I'll offer up the most embarrassing of examples: A little over a month after my son was born - while I was still in that happy-glow place -- I watched what had to be a horrible movie. But given my state, I got sucked in. And, sadly, even a little misty.

That movie: Yours, Mine, and Ours. And not even the original. The remake.

That's some real shame for you, folks.

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