These People Are Not Who You Think They Are: Your Celebrity Reality Check
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These People Are Not Who You Think They Are: Your Celebrity Reality Check

By Courtney Enlow | Celebrities Are Better than You | March 14, 2013 | Comments ()


We at Pajiba do love blowing your mindholes. It's one of our favorite things to do. That said, like seeing Daddy cry for the first time or finding out there is no Easter Bunny, sometimes, we must grow up and realize that our perceptions may be wrong. That some people and things are different than we have long thought or wish them to be.

What I'm saying is, Taylor Swift doesn't read your fan letters.

This weekend, hundreds of fan letters addressed to Taylor Swift were found in a Nashville dumpster. Unopened. Swift's team had to do some quick damage control, pledging that Taylor, OF COURSE, reads every single letter and if a box of letters was disposed, unread, it simply must be an error and they will do what it takes to find out what monster did this.

For once, I'm not going to slight Taylor. She did nothing wrong here. Because of course she doesn't read her fan mail. Neither does Justin Bieber. And neither did Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

When I was in fourth grade, I sent a long, adoring letter to Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I won't call him JTT, because real fans know he hated that. He also hated Pert Plus shampoo because they tested on animals and he likes animals, college basketball and Boyz II Men, but that's beside the point. So, I wrote him this letter. And he totally wrote me back. I received, months later, a postcard with his picture on it, and a handwritten (clearly it was handwritten, I mean it was in his handwriting and the ink seemed awfully thick, but it was probably with a fancy famous person pen that just looked like a scanned copy) note on the back, ending with a request that I join him on a cruise ship to meet him and several of my other favorite celebrities. My mom wouldn't let me, crushing my perfect dreams.

Years later, I'd find out that my sister-in-law received the exact same postcard. As did this person.


Guys, I'm starting to think my postcard wasn't handwritten exclusively to only me because he loved me and we were going to get married. On a cruise ship.

It's easy to laugh at the misguided hopes of pre-teen girls, but they are not alone in this. Celebrities are basically adult Santa Claus. We all have this image of the famous people we enjoy, and when that is disrupted, it is disappointing. Hell, even The Bloggess had to accept that maybe Nathan Fillion wasn't our universal BFF. Yes, I'm certain there are famous people who are genuinely good, but, ultimately, at a certain level of fame and management involvement, celebrities are pure persona, a conjecture based on meticulous image control and media manipulation.

Take Ben Affleck. Leading up to the Oscars, we saw him out with his wife and children, smiling happily on a daily or weekly basis. The week following his Oscar win, suddenly, it's photographer kicking time.


I'm all for a good photographer kicking, but it really does suck just a little to have it confirmed, that all those smiling photos of their kids were totally fine when there was an award on the line.

It's the same with all of them. Listen to every interview where a famous person laments lost privacy, then look at every smiling, perfectly coiffed image sold to People Magazine, a magazine basically dominated by celebrities and their management teams. It's not all bullshit, but it rings hollow.

And, ultimately, I feel terrible for the ones who actually don't want it, who don't court it, who just live their lives and don't feed the paparazzi machine. But if you think for a second that anyone just happens to be hanging out at a Hobby Lobby when Kim Kardashian comes in and just happens to get her photo, then I have a pregnancy conspiracy to sell you.

And that's where we are now. Where pregnancies are used to create a sense of humanity in an otherwise soulless pair of famewhores, where babies are pageanted like Honey Boo Boo to win awards and where PR pros have to pretend that a 23-year-old singer actually sits there and reads thousands of sparkly notebook pages herself.

They're not monsters. They're people.

They're just probably not the people they've been painted to be.

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  • dsoup

    His daughter was crying and scared because the pap was in her face, Ben put his leg out to demonstrate to the pap that the legal distance is where his foot indicated. Ridiculous. The Afflecks are papped because media is buying the photos not because Garner is calling to tell them she is bringing her child to karate or school or where ever. She takes her kids out and about like a mom, a regular mom. Shame on her.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Aw, I thought Affleck was demonstrating Ministry of Silly Walks for his little one.

    I kinda feel like the actor-paparazzi relationship is like sex. Oh, I let you take a picture yesterday? Great. No, that doesn't mean you automatically get to force yourself on me today.

  • Jezzer

    I wouldn't have guessed he was trying to kick a paparazzi in this picture if you hadn't told me. I would have assumed he was engaging in spontaneous Riverdancing with his daughter, and I would have found it adorable.

  • BiblioGlow

    I hate that people are chased like this against their will, as some, probably most, doubtless are, and I hate that there are people who make tons of money from selling their souls and their self respect to get a shot.
    They way I protest is to not buy magazines full of those sort of pictures (which I will never understand the value of, anyway), and to frequent sites like Pajiba where the topics up for discussion focus on movies and not the latest picture of a celebrity in a t-shirt drinking a soda or something. Thanks, Pajiba, for being (mostly) 100% scum-free all these years!

  • e jerry powell

    So they act more than just on sets. I'm not always this entertaining, either.

    But Julia Roberts is a raging, petty bitch, and that makes me smile in my sleep.

  • Acting is a job. It's not an All Access Pass to whatever the GUPs (Great Unwashed Public) seem to think they are entitled to. I read a few gossip blogs and lately I've re-examined that. Why do I need to see photos of some starlet stumbling out of a bar, or Ben Affleck with his wife and kids at a farmer's market? So I deleted the links and don't really miss it. I thought it was shitty of Pajiba to post the Jennifer Lawrence on her hotel balcony photos a couple of weeks ago. I said as much on the Facebook page. It's invading her privacy. Who gives a shit if her publicist let TMZ know ahead of time where she would be to get some "candid" shots leading up to the Awards. While some are definitely pre-arranged it's not all of them. At what point are people that work in media allowed to live a normal life away from the constant requirement to be "on"?

    I like The Bloggess, but acting hurt because Nathan Fillion didn't want to pose in a dippy photo is stupid. If someone walked up to me on the street and asked me to do a dippy photo I would say no. If they asked me to do it for charity, I would say no.

    So giving Affleck grief and "He's not who we think he is the big meanie he kicks photographers!" is ridiculous. Really, THIS is what the public spends their time thinking about? This qualifies as a news item? No wonder our country is fucked 6 ways from Sunday.

  • Dave Dorris

    OK, so not to jump on the TS hating bandwagon, but a few years ago I was watching one of the music awards shows and there was a duet with TS and Miley. What I read afterwards was how TS showed how a REAL singer did it. I didn't get it. Not that I think Miley is a great singer, but I just didn't see the divide. Afterward, TS won an award, I think for best album, and said she was soooooo surprised and grateful, because she was shocked, (shocked i tell you) that her label let her wright ALL OF HER OWN SONGS. Of course, later in the show one of her songs won Song of the YEAR (or somesuch) and as the winner was announced they slipped in the name of her CO-WRIGHTER.

    Full disclosure, this might have happened on two different awards shows, but I don't think it changes the message. TS is cute. And possibly a demon. Or a vampire. Like Lestat. Seriously, its the only explanation I can come up with. Where are the Winchesters when you really need them?

  • Viking

    I'm glad Ben Affleck outgrew his Bennifer phase, when he was dating Jennifer Lopez and they were obviously calling the paps and telling them to document their every move. I believe that was Lopez's doing, but he went along with it for a while.

  • competitivenonfiction

    I doubt that that stage is really over. He's just improved his game and learned to do it more subtly.

  • I was the worst autograph collector as a teenager. Not in the "I hounded celebrities" way, but in the, "I went to this concert, let's see if the singer autographed something for someone else and it's on eBay. Bonus points if they autographed something related to the show!"

    I did, however, as a child, discover my older brother's hidden stash of "replied-to" fan letters. That was good for a bit of ransom.

  • Nathan Convey

    All those pictures of a dad and his children having a nice time were probably taken from quite a distance. That picture clearly wasn't. Also, I find the insinuation that it was for awards season really odd. The Oscars aren't voted for by the public. He's not a politician kissing babies. You think the Academy voters give a shit? What about the hundreds of other photos taken of them when it isn't awards season? There are literally hundreds of them. Lots of smiles in those too. It's almost as if he likes his kids!

  • $2786243

    I've heard of what the paps scream at celebrities to get a reaction so they can sell the 'mad face' pic. I can't imagine what they might scream at their kids.

  • rumcove

    I do like Ben's shoes. A classic kicking shoe.

  • apsutter

    Can I just point out that the actors who actually detest and want nothing to do with the attention don't live in LA. The ones who are serious about their job and don't want to deal with all that bullshit simply live somewhere else where they can't be harassed.

  • senecafalls

    A lot of actors, especially on tv, actually, you know, have to live in LA cause they're working there 6-10 months out of the year. Not to mention they may have family and friends and lives in LA. They should all leave just because paparazzi like to stalk them going to the gym and yell insulting things?

  • apsutter

    TV stars aren't typically stalked and papped on the regular like big movie stars...ala Ben affleck, Jen aniston, the Jolie Pitts etc. The state of CA is HUGE and they could literally live less than an hour away and be in the red zone for paps.

  • LaineyBobainey

    I think I have to stop replying to you, because I sort of suspect you just talk because you enjoy the sound of your own inane ramblings.

    Have you ever driven in LA? Do you have any effing concept of how long an HOUR can actually take in LA? WHY, again I ask, WHY should all of these people have to rearrange their lives because of a handful of scumbags who can't act like decent human beings? Why the hell would anyone who has to make a 6:00 AM call want to live an HOUR away and have to drive AN HOUR to work and and HOUR home every single day, just to avoid having to deal with jackass photographers? Yes, the state of California IS huge, but the general area of LA is a traffic clusterfuck. And who the hell wants to pay the exorbitant cost of living to live in California and then not live anywhere near a beach or your place of business or the good restaurants or your friends or the other places where you're required to go for work?

    Logic. Use it.

  • apsutter

    You keep wanting me to feel sorry for these celebs who are clearly playing the whole fame game and purposely call the paps or go to known hot spots to be seen. There are plenty of big name celebs who live in the area who we barely ever see. Hmmmm....I wonder why? Funny that Matt Damon lives literally down the street but we never ever see him.

  • Kelly Anne Williams


  • Kristen Mc

    One time I met Michael Showalter after a stand up performance. I was nerdy and starstruck, and told him, "bologna-feet changed my life". He looked at me like I was crazy. I still don't understand why we didn't wind up being best friends.........

  • BlackRabbit

    Wow, I just thought he was dancing till I read the article. And I wrote a letter to Tim Allen in high school (class assignment) and got back a crappy form letter and an "autographed" B&W picture.

  • PerpetualIntern

    Your Jonathan Taylor Thomas story made me laugh out loud. That was me with Dean Cain around the same time. Sigh.

  • Slash

    Adults who complain about not getting enough attention from celebrities need to get some therapy to find out why they need attention from complete strangers. Or at least get it the traditional way, by working in the sex industry. Do some porn, get on the pole, start hooking. Those strangers will give you the validation you need so much.

  • Slash

    Yeah, the photographers who stalk celebrities could all be rounded up, herded into a giant rocket and fired into the sun, and I'd be OK with that. Maybe we can get a Kickstarter organized for that. I'd put up at least $5.

  • JJ

    "They’re just probably not the people they’ve been painted to be."

    But painted by whom? Yes, much of it is their own bullshit PR spin, just like everyone else who is in the public eye and whose careers depend significantly on perception and appearances.

    But just as much is from the bullshit celebrity gossip industry (of which you are a part) which you shouldn't gloss over by using the passive voice.

  • Cuca

    Is that a hole in the sole of his shoe?

  • Teresa G

    It's not a hole.

  • spoobnooble

    OMG! They wear out shoe soles! Just like regular people!

  • Cuca

    Did I say that he didn't? I just asked a question because it struck me as odd. I don't make one tenth of the money he makes, and yet I'm not seen in public with holes in my soles. Yes, we all wear out shoe soles. We all get them fixed or get new shoes.

  • spoobnooble

    Maybe he likes the shoes. Maybe he just hasn't gotten around to getting the soles replaced. Just because he's got bank doesn't mean he's got to be all dressed up and fancy 100% of the time. And some people do take more care in their appearance than others, but money's not always the deciding factor. In any case, considering the circumstances of the photograph in question, the shoe soles are hardly the first point of attention.

  • KatSings

    I also received that postcard from Jonathan Taylor Thomas. ::tears::

    As for the rest - this is a discussion I'm forced to have *constantly* because I'm an actress. I have all these friends who are like "ooh, you're gonna be famous" and I immediately object to the idea that I'd *want* that. Sure, there are people who do it for the famewhoring (see: Kardashian, ANY OF THEM), but most of these actors? Are actors. Contrary to public opinion, it's a job. Being good at it (or attractive while doing it) doesn't suddenly mean they have to present themselves to you at every moment. Or that they always have to be polite. Most of them try really hard to put on a good face during the endless parade of paps and intrusive questions and invasions of privacy, but you know what? Sometimes that has to slip because they are people. This guy set off Dad mode on Affleck, and I don't have a problem with it. If a celeb is always needlessly aggressive towards paps, that's one thing, but isolated incidents, to me, are just a sign of having finally worn down a person to their breaking point.

    They are also busy people. It sucks when you love a celebrity and they can't make time to sign something for you, but you also aren't entitled to it. The ones we love most are the ones who try really hard to always make some time for their fanbase - and that's good PR, to make time for the people who make your work profitable. But to think that any of them have time to personally respond to every piece of fanmail is only something a young person should believe (hell, even while I hoped for it back in my teen days, I was never surprised when it didn't happen).

    I just think we expect too much sometimes.

  • Bert_McGurt

    I have to say (and I apologize if any fellow Pajibans are among them) - most of those Blogess commenters come off as selfish, entitled twerps. They honestly believe Fillion owes them some stupid photo because he's genial, famous, and on Twitter? And that they've "lost respect" for him because of it?

    You know what he "owes" you? His best performance in the projects he picks. That's the f*cking end of it. Same thing with any actor, rock star, athlete, whatever. If you catch them at a convention, or concert, or after a game, then sure, ask for an autograph or maybe a photo. They're at work, it's part of the gig. Anywhere else? Just leave them alone. ESPECIALLY if they're with kids. Why does someone's fame eliminate your human decency? It's really not that complicated.

    For Christ's sake, you know what John Lennon was doing on the afternoon of December 8th, 1980? Taking "just a couple seconds" to sign an album for a "fan" - who then waited for him to return home and shot him to death. Even creepier - Chapman had met and spoken with 5-year-old Sean Lennon that morning.

    Edit: I ain't famous, but I've got LOTS of experience posing for innumerable photos with various members of the public. It's part of the territory doing historical interpretation. And I can tell you, it's not "just a couple seconds". By the time you herd the group together, find some other random to juggle six phones/cameras (AND show them how to turn them on, unlock them, how to take a picture...) get (minimum) two pictures with everyone's camera(s)'re talking a few minutes per group. Multiply that by the number of times a day Fillion gets recognized and it adds up real quick.

  • Maguita NYC

    How can I explain or compare without sounding assholish... The situation reminds me of something that happened not long ago:

    I went to a bar, met up with some friends, there was a new girl in tow. Not much of a conversationalist, she was actually there to pick-up or get picked-up. A woman of very few words, in charge of her needs and makes no excuses about it. Go for it.

    A group of guys came over, one of them steps close to Ms. Hunter, bends his head between her deep décolleté, and with his tongue then teeth, slowly picks the long chain hanging over the lovely presentoir of big bosom. This was their first meeting, ever. He looks her in the eye, she laughs giddily, they head to a corner and start frenching. And that was the end of that.

    Now the other guy looks at me expectantly, looks at the necklace I was wearing and gives that stare. I simply say, "No, thank you". And turn to leave. And that was that? No. He looked offended and tried to actually sell it more aggressively.

    It is not because you got the measure of one, that you have the measure of all. And this is what paps and celebrities today do not understand.

    With the new entitlement of "celebrity", the being famous for being famous, the birth of the disturbing Celebutard, the rules have so dramatically changed that common decency in the paparazzo world is considered abhorrently obscene.

    For the new dawn in celebrity hustle, you are supposed to be grateful that they're there to take your picture. Furthermore, with the history of violence such as Sean Penn's, followed by many altercations between paps and other celebs, it has become a way of earning a living: Either get the money shot, or get the money for being shut down. Verbally or physically. For some it is a high, they're frankly bullies; For others, it's just business.

    We cannot judge anymore who is paying lip service to paps and who isn't. Who knows anymore. Might have started with lip service, but has scarily evolved into pure stalking. Because once you've called on the hounds, you cannot take it back. And once a celebrity called on you, does it mean that all in fact yearn for your lens, but dare not admit it?

    Whatever the situation may be, it has gotten such, that authorities need to step forward and draw a clear line. One with severe penalties, for there are issues of personal space violation, harassment, and more importantly life endangerment. Quite honestly, I may like my gossip and yes, my pap pictures of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone being beyond cute and adorable, but COME ON, how many different shots of Garfield holding his cup of coffee do I need to see? And how close??

    If ever such law passes, it will of course give the sadz to the likes of the Kardashians, Lohans and Hiltons. Basically, a win-win.

  • Bert_McGurt

    One begins to wonder whether guys like those just develop a resistance to pepper spray or face-punchening. That's a truly abhorrent pickup tactic and a walking sexual harassment charge.

    Granted, I'm pretty rigid about my personal space boundaries, but introductory tit-licking is something I'd have assumed would get a universally negative reaction.

  • zeke_the_pig

    This right here

  • beletseri

    Lainey over at Lainey gossip has been hammering this home lately about the affleck, she makes it seem much more insidious.

    I'm of two minds about celebrity, I love to autograph collect and get photos with celebs because it's fun and fun to post on FB. But at the same time I've worked at the other side of the autograph table, and it's really wearing on a person. It's tough when every person is asking for something, a photograph or signature here and there isn't a big deal, but after a while it starts to feel almost like you're having pieces of yourself taken. I can understand Nathan Fillion not wanting to pose with some twine, just because someone asked him to. He's so famous he can't possibly fill every request and still live his life.

  • carrie

    do you want a rumor on Lainey? some publicists pay her to write nice stuffs on celebrities and if the celebrity licks her ass enough longtime,she writes nice papers on them

    One of my neighbours is a french movie journalist who goes to Cannes fest every year and said it's funny to see her with the celebrities and how she reports what happened.The worst for him,it was Ted Casablanca of E!

  • Bodhi

    I figured. She must be Gweneth Paltrow's biggest expense, after all those macrobiotic cleanses.

  • beletseri

    HA! That makes total sense. I love it.

  • senecafalls

    That's a rumor? I thought everyone knew that about her already. It's especially blatant with people like Kristen Stewart.

  • apsutter

    I liked her take on the situation and how predictable celebs are. How he was the devoted dad and husband only during the campaign and afterwards radio silence. Paps are scum but these celebs definitely use them to their advantage.

  • JJ

    How was he a devoted dad and husband only during the campaign? Because she said so? We've been seeing him in public with his family for years.

  • competitivenonfiction

    I think the point is that they were certainly more visible during awards time. He might be a great dad all the time, but they very much publicly put themselves forward as a family unit during awards time. I suppose one could argue that the paps pick up their game during this time and that he didn't ask for their attention, but that would be ignoring the fact that celebrities benefit from exposure, but get frustrated when they can't control that exposure.

    Where it gets to me is when children are used as props and things like first photos are sold to publications. Of course a parent is going to get angry when someone gets too close or scares their child, but if they've already opened doors to publicity of their children (who are by definition unable to consent to exposure), how much can they control the media's relationship to their family?

    I don't have respect for the paparazi; its by no means an honorable profession, but I'm not sure that Ben Affleck gets my sympathy vote either. His kids sure as hell do.

  • apsutter

    Yea that's what I'm getting at. You barely ever see Ben with his kids and even less with his wife but for the last 2 months they were on family outings several times a week every week. The whole Oscar thing is a game and they know how to play it. Competitive, your on the same page as I am. Celebs want to be able control every little thing that gets out there and they'll willingly invite attention when it benefits them but they get their panties in a twist the moment they can't control the access. You can't pick and choose.

  • Nathan Convey

    A picture of an Oscar nominee is worth more in awards season. And there are lots of pictures of Affleck with his kids. What is the benefit to the nominee? Why would an actor care if another actor is out smiling with his kids? They're in the industry. They already have an opinion on who this person is. They're not picking up gossip mags to make their decision.

    Also, those pictures were taken from a distance. Do you have any idea how powerful a pap lense is? You can't throw a fit over someone you can barely see.

  • LaineyBobainey

    "Celebs want to be able control every little thing that gets out there and they'll willingly invite attention when it benefits them but they get their panties in a twist the moment they can't control the access."

    Soooo, basically like regular people? I pretty much want to be able to control how people view ME and how I'm perceived at work or online or wherever and I tend to get a bit bent when someone else puts out a different image of me than what I've cultivated. Don't most people? Isn't that human nature?

  • apsutter

    Yes but your not a public figure(I would assume). Listen I think paps are scum in general too but Hollywood stars chose this as their career and they know the consequences. If they really hate it so much there are a million other things they could be doing

  • LaineyBobainey

    Why should they have to do something other than what they love and/or are good at because there are scummy paparazzi out there? What the hell kind of logic is that? Doctors get sued all the time, but they chose that as their career and they know the consequences, so they should just quit that and go do one of a million other things?

    Being a public figure does not mean the public OWNS you. You do a job. You get paid quite well for the job, but it's still a JOB. You are entitled to a private life and to not have a camera shoved in your face or in your baby's face or to have shitty things yelled at you so that someone can catch your reaction on film and then profit from it. That's not part of the JOB, and to shrug it off and claim that it is or that it should be is to excuse and dismiss bad behavior on the part of a fairly recent (30ish years) subculture of parasitic trolls. We don't feed trolls and we certainly don't pet them and tell them "good job".

  • Bodhi

    Exactly. I get that there is campaigning to be done during Oscar season, but she makes it sound like he is a family man ONLY then, which just isn't true.

    I love celeb gossip & I read a lot of it. And I take almost all of it with a handful of salt. Especially that site

  • katy

    I can't imagine what it would be like to feel the need to constantly create a barrier between my kids and a bunch of invasive people. I'm sure my patience would wear thin as well.

    My first big celebrity reality check moment came when I was around 12 and madly in love with Jason Bateman (during his first incarnation, the TV days). Then one day I read, I think in TV Guide, an interview with him where he talked about being disgusted at the thought of all the overweight little 12 year old girls fawning all over him. Which was me. I suffered a blow that day. But I love him again as an adult, and I'm sure he has no problem now thinking of all the slightly overweight 37 year olds who still fawn all over him.

  • Nobody important

    I don't think there is any excuse for violence. What does that teach your kid? You're famous and can do whatever you want. Our celebrities are the worst behaved and spoiled. They act like animals and frankly I think we should treat them like animals. Sure you deserve privacy and all but you don't have to be an ass about it. The people you treat like dirt are the ones who gave you the fame. Maybe you don't have to sign every autograph but at least be civil.

  • Bert_McGurt

    What does it teach their kid when they allow some obnoxious, rude photographer to get in their face and post pictures of you all over the internet when you're barely out of diapers? Aren't those people "doing whatever they want"? What kind of message are they giving if they don't protect their kids?

    Some celebs certainly do act like animals and are extremely hypocritical of the coverage they get (Bieber, Lohan, Chris Brown, etc.). Affleck ain't one of them.

    And (shockingly) civility breeds civility. Asking politely for a photo or an autograph is one thing. Demanding one because "you're famous, you owe me!" or shoving a camera lens up someone's nose is not civil.

  • FrayedMachine

    I imagine it'd hard to be civil when someone is treating your child with no more respect than a dog in a kennel.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Also: I'm picturing Ben pull a pap into a mall tunnel and beat the crap out of him like he did Jason Lee.

  • FrayedMachine

    I pretty much agree with anyone saying that the photographer kind of deserved it. Paparazzi are terrible and really don't care about boundaries. The adults know what they're getting into, yeah, but their kids shouldn't have to suffer for it. They should really just back off.

  • Untamed

    Having a conversation with a couple of paps waiting around on a slow day, "Do celebs call you sometimes?" "Hell, yes, Garner and Witherspoon are our regular income." But the bigger trick is to hire a photographer and sell the pix yourself, that way you control what shots are used and make some money. And yes, there's good money to be made. Boundaries for the kids? Hey, those pictures sell the best.

  • FrayedMachine

    Mmmm... anecdotal evidence, my favorite kind of fallacious material. Either way, not justifying the tons of paps who are outright aggressive and unnecessarily intrusive. Who's to say that this pap was specifically one that was hired? Strawman? yes, please.

  • Untamed

    Hmmm, phony intellectual cynicism, my favorite kind of fallacious argument. This pap frenzy is a two way street. Is anyone THAT interested in pictures of some of the celebrities that seem to be photographed almost every day, and almost always with their children? (Hilary Duff? Really?) Garner, however, is the worst. At least 4 or 5 times a week. And in the most absurdly out of the way places. Live by the PR, die by the PR. Perhaps if Ben doesn't want his picture taken, he should have a talk with his wife.

  • FrayedMachine

    Last I checked that's not listed under Logical Fallacies, funny how that works. Also haha, right, I'm the cynical one. Do you know what cynical means?

    Also again, is that a picture of Garner? Did she get a sex change and grow a beard? SHIT, I am clearly behind on my celebrity news, because man, you're totally right. If Garner hires people to take pictures OF HER, that means of everyone. LOL, silly me.

  • Untamed

    You are just absurd.


  • Buck Forty

    To go back to your original statement Patricis: you said you spoke to some paps and they told you that these celebs are in on this pap business. If you'd spoken to an addict they'd have denied they were and said they could quit anytime. If you talk to a prostitute they'll tell you a lot of their clients are doctors, lawyers, and judges. The point being that sometimes people tell you what they want you to believe.
    (But yes, I'm sure some celebs are in on it sometimes. Doesn't make it right)

  • Untamed

    Not quite applicable analogies.

    But I guess what you're referring to is resume padding. Sure they could have been lying. But watch the pictures being printed and think to yourself, how did a photographer happen to be there? Are they roaming the streets like packs of dogs? Even in obscure places? Have you walked the streets of LA? They're not. To be a celeb caught out once in a while is perfectly feasible. But to be photographed almost every day, week after week? Come on now.

  • FrayedMachine

    Ad Hominem, whataaaaattt?

  • Sofia

    Call me naïve, but I don't think Ben Affleck was 'holding back' during awards season and just happened to lash out at this particular pap. The guy was incredibly close to him and his daughter (close enough to try to kick him) and she was very scared. I think any parent would react that way. The Afflecks are used to the paps following them around, but they're usually at a 'respectable' distance.

  • Untamed

    You're naive.

  • dizzylucy

    Agreed - if they're across the street or down the block taking photos, oh well, there's not much you can do to stop that. But if they're within arms reach and kids are scared? Kick away, celebrities.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Like all people, there are good and bad ones. And honestly I think we do a pretty good job of sorting out which is which. Nathan Fillion put more thought, sincerity, and humanity into his refusal to pose with twine than Kim Kardashian put into her sham marriage. Sure they are an extent. I think the fiber of a person tends to come through with a certain amount of exposure. That's while I'll continue to root for Fillion and against Kim.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Indeed exactly what I thought. He had the decency to respond succinctly and honestly, without aggression, and - as you say - what shone through more than anything for me was his humanity. And I think the response he got to that response would agree with us.

  • L.O.V.E.

    Don't know too much of the situation but it seems that if you take a picture of me with my daughter using a telescopic lens from 100 feet away, what can I do?
    Get up in her face, though, and its curb-stomping time.

  • He pretened to kick he photog because the asswipe had scared little seraphina.

  • Amanda Meyncke

    I don't even know how to talk about this, but living in LA and being friends with all types of different folks, I've seen first hand what it's like for someone to be hounded by the paps, chased down by people who are often larger than you and very menacing, trying to get people to say something or do something so they have a picture to sell. They get very, very, very close to you, and it's like 10 people shouting and you can barely walk.

    The rules about taking photos of children, in other countries is very different but here in America, are very lax and people get super close and little kids get scared. Jennifer Garner? People follow her everywhere. Like they wait at the bottom of the hill for her outside her house, follow her to the grocery store, follow her back home, relentless and never ending. On the weekends, TMZ and the like wait around popular areas for people if they're not already following them from their homes.

    I was on TMZ once, walking alongside an actress friend whom they were trying to get to say something and the experience with one camera was terrifying. He ran up alongside us shouting and then followed us across the street, all the way to my car, putting the camera in her face, being aggressive for no reason. I can imagine what that would be, every day, never ending, for people like Affleck.

    I get what you're saying, I do, but like, the paps are relentless, and terrifying, invasive and truly don't care about anything but trying to provoke a reaction.

  • This is absolutely true. We have one very, very famous client at work, and the paps hound her, despite the fact that she's really rather boring in her personal life. Famous, yes. But she's not very tabloid friendly, other than being young and attractive. Still..they are relentless and intrusive, not only in her life, but in the lives of anybody within a 15 foot radius of her, including our other clients. It's terrible, and there are no boundaries when paps are involved. (I actually have an old friend who worked as a paparazzi, because they could not get a work permit, and they told me that they - as a personal rule - would never do anything to endanger the celeb or the celeb's family, but that most other paps didn't care - and even this friend was borderline aggressive in their pursuit of the photos. Sadly, the job paid off, as they took a series of photos that sold for upwards of $100,000 and didn't have to work for a few years.)

  • Kballs

    I don't even read e-mails from family, let alone if I were famous and got letters and whatnot from strangers. Taylor is a gossipy, entitled little shit but I'd end up doing the same thing. That or pay someone to write everyone back, like Dave Eggers or Neil Gaiman because they write pretty and will do my bidding because don't they know I'm famous?!?!

  • PaddyDog

    On the other hand, it's nice to see that even celebritys' little girls insist on wearing garish tights and cloying amounts of pink.

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