Piers Morgan is Livid After Ewan McGregor Snubs Talk Show Appearance With Him

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | January 24, 2017 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | January 24, 2017 |


If you needed anymore reason to love Ewan McGregor ahead of his debut in the third season of Fargo this spring (where he will play twin brothers), there’s also this: He cancelled a talk show appearance after he found out Piers Morgan would be there.

McGregor had also expressed his support for the Women’s Marches over the weekend.

Piers Morgan, naturally, had something obnoxious to say about McGregor’s decision to cancel.

In fact, he spent all morning being a cock’s ass about McGregor’s decision.

Morgan seemed really upset by McGregor’s decision.

Most of his angry tweets and Retweets this morning were in the vein of, “He’s a coward for not sitting down and debating with me.”

But here’s the thing with guys like Piers Morgan (or Kellyanne Conway or Anne Coulter): There is no debate to be had with them. They’re incapable of listening. Incapable. They don’t want to debate; they want to shout the other side down. They want an opportunity to promote their lies. They want to twist words and hurl insults. They have no interest in an actual back and forth. When guys like Piers Morgan start here, it’s already obvious that there’s no middle ground to be had:

Before I go further, let me self-identity as a feminist. I love women and believe passionately in gender equality. I support all women’s rights and have proven this point many times as an employer and promoter of women in the workplace. But I can’t abide the feminazis, the radical, extreme feminists like Madonna.

The only way to win a debate with a guy like Piers Morgan is by not giving him a platform to express his ignorance and bigotry.

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