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In World's Shittiest Prank, Paris Hilton Was Tricked Into Believing Her Plane Was About to Crash

By Grainger Heavensbee | Celebrity | June 29, 2015 |

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I don’t care for Paris Hilton, and I find it infuriating that a woman as already as obscenely wealthy as Hilton gets $1 million to do one set as a DJ. On the other hand, I don’t care how insufferable a celebrity is. I don’t care how many stupid things she’s done, or what she represents about society, pulling a prank like this is inexcusable.

Here, for some Egyptian television show, Hilton is pranked into believing that her prop engine plane is about to go down, and that the only way to survive is by jumping out with a parachute. Hilton freaks. Like, freaks. I don’t blame her. I’d have completely lost my shit, and there’s probably a reason that her response to the reveal is not included in the video. It’s probably because she beat the shit out of the guy, and has already begun legal proceedings against him.

Not cool. At all.

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