Oh Jenna Fischer: No. No You Sweet, Sweet Flower, No

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | November 15, 2017 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | November 15, 2017 |


Jenna Fischer, she of The Office fame, and she who used to be married to James Gunn (with whom she combined to make the cutest divorced couple ever), has a memoir out: The Actor’s Life: A Survival’s Guide. In it, per Jezebel, she talks about her relationship with John Krasinki on The Office, and you guys, this is going to be a little awkward:

“He wasn’t just the best Jim — he was Jim. I remember the day we met. As I was being shown to the actor’s holding room, he was just being called in to read with another potential Pam … As he passed by, he introduced himself, and we shook hands. It was as if lightning struck through the center of the room.”

You know what? I bet Krasinski really is a super sweet guy, but I think you might have been reading something into that encounter:

“John and I were walking out of an audition scene, and he suddenly turned to me and whispered, ‘You’re my favorite Pam. I hope you get this job.’ It was exactly as sweet and cute and supportive as anything Jim would say to Pam. I smiled really big and said, ‘I’m so glad you said that because you’re my favorite Jim and I don’t think anyone could do it except for you.’”

Oh wow! And then, on Jim and Pam’s first kiss, I think Jenna might have gone a little too method with her feelings:

“When he walked away, I felt completely transported into a new reality. I was Pam, I was talking with my mother, and my heart was breaking. I spoke into the phone, telling her I was in love with Jim, but I couldn’t confess my feelings to him. Suddenly, Jim walked in the door. I turned and saw him and my heart felt like it might burst out of my chest. I wanted so much to tell him how I felt, but before I could, he kissed me. It was perfect.”

It was perfect. It was also acting. But I totally get it! If John Krasinski fake kissed me, I’d probably get a little wobbly, too. He’s a handsome man and he seems like a super sweet guy.

As Jezebel notes, this recalls a conversation that Fischer had on Watch What Happens Live last year in which she said, “There’s like a real part of me that is Pam, and there’s a real part of him that’s Jim, and those parts of us were genuinely in love with one another.”


Asked to respond to that later, Krasinski — who is a happily married man — said that he felt bad for Fischer because her quote was taken out of context (it wasn’t taken out of context).

But also, #TeamJim, Joanna.

Related: To this day, if I am feeling rotten, I will still queue up The Office wedding video, and it never, ever fails. That still remains my all-time favorite television wedding.

Also, someone should find out if these two are still married.

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